Monday, January 31, 2011

Taking Care of Business

As noted, previously - extensively - I've been unable to take care of business around our home because of this foot-fixing process.  Despite my delight at being on the road to having stable feet - with arches and everything!- this process has been less comfortable than the left foot.  Note to my talented podiatrist - if you have a patient with hypermobile tendons, and you are wondering about using the plate again for fusion instead of the more traditional screws? Use the damn plate.

(er, I love his work, but this much ouch can still get me by surprise ;-)

Anyway, today, for some insane reason I am in a take charge mode, and a 'take care of myself' mood.  Both are good, but not exactly compatible.  On the plus side, I'll regain definition in my tricep if I let myself use crutches today. And my foot will get a bit of rest. 

So, today will be drinking more water, paying attention to my foot, taking vitamins, tending to some business around our home, planning dinner, and finally reading/critting Julia's poem.

Should the plan succeed, I can work on the story tonight.

Go me!

have a great day, stay safe in the storm.


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