Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful....(smirk)

this is one of them ' i am throwing this out there because i will do just about anything to clear up my brain ' posts.  That would have made more grammatical sense with hyphens correctly applied....but. Still. there 'tis.

Blogging, when done properly, can function to empty one's head (hah - you thought there was an upper limit on how empty my head can get, dintcha? ;-) AND entertain.

Unless you typically get your yuks laughing at the befuddled, I don't know how much entertainment value can be found here. Happily, there is a meaningful dialogue that showed up on on facebook that IS worth pondering. Maybe Even worth reading. (er, you would be the judge of that one....)

A friend of mine - for Quite a long time now!! - has been discussing the 'easy way out'. And how annoyed he was with himself (he's a bit of a study in understatement, unlike Yours Truly) because he'd thought to go out photo-shooting, and found himself deterred by the crappy weather and his physical state - tired and grumpy (if I am remembering this correctly.) Despite his correct intuition about how great a waterfall would look, he packed it in. And later saw someone ELSE's photo of that waterfall online. Looking as good as he himself imagined it would have.

He then bruised his foot kicking himself in the rear for....not kicking himself in the rear, I imagine. In fact, he took the whole missed-adventure as a place to examine taking - what he calls - 'the easy way out' instead of taking 'worthwhile risks'.

While I am frankly envious of anyone who addresses that whole 'unexamined life' problem, I say that he doesn't recognize Enough of his risks - he writes plays, for example. I consider that 'throwing oneself to the wolves', to be honest. How the hell much risk does he need?

On the other hand, by putting this discussion out there, he is using his disappointment at the missed shot to help us all remember that setting the bar a little higher doesn't hurt (much) and usually helps.

What a good guy he is.

I admire his instincts, and will - grudgingly - raise the bar myself this afternoon. I'd plotted out a day of furious box-emptying, meal planning and prep, and about 45 minutes in my shiny, unused, soaking tub. EIGHTEEN DAYS here in the new place. and I haven't been in once.

The CATS have explored that gorgeous tub more than I have.

However, I will raise the bar by reviewing some paperwork I'd forgotten about, make a list of things we need from the store to accomplish that attempt at more 'home cooking', and spend as much time playing with my daughter as being hard at work. But in order to get that bar hefted off the ground, I really need to get my fingers off the keyboard, and get breakfast goin' for my son. And, considering that if I Don't raise the bar.....

I'll probably just bang my head into it.


Off I go. (****ducks. waves****) You go too.

Have a really lovely day ;-)


Friday, May 11, 2012

The Id Gets A Workout

Hello there, web crawlers - how does the late hour find you?

I cannot assume you are all off, catching bugs and other creepy-critters. I have been rounding up rodeo clowns, myself.

Which may, or may not, remind you that I've been preparing to buy a house.

It's the kind of thing that upsets any routines, so you can imagine the hell it's played with my loosy-goosy attempts at order. We've improved the bedtime effort (mainly because making two overtired children move to a new home is much more impossible than moving upset and energetic ones) but most of my routines in the last week have crystallized into....being lied to. By a Realtor for the builder.


At a Realtor for a builder.

Complaining about daylight, streaming through the basement wall.

To a realtor for a builder.

On the plus side, I called nobody a clown (although the words 'fiasco', 'circus', and 'tail chasing' got a workout).  And, I got to rat out the realtor - to the V.P. - for blaming the entire mess on the builder's staff. Right in front of the big liar too, come to think of it.

Even my own kids don't tell me as many whoppers as this guy did.

However, the closing is done, and the next adventure begins. The re-assembly of the orchid house, in the new place, starts up at noon. The packing shall extend for another 30 minutes, and then I am going to be sensible and go to bed.

There may be extra mayhem on deck, or things may unroll smoothly into place. But a good nights sleep would really come in handy for that.

I've plenty of ideas cooking, you see. Many snippets of stories are tugging at my mind, but the homefront is the homefront. Mine, in fact.

There's a summer of gardening coming up, of finding out if blackberries are truly 'illegal' in town, of catching fireflies, and iced mint tea on the front porch. There's time to drag my kids to the pool until  we are all exhausted from swimming, and filling them up with popsicles on the cool cement floor of the unfinished basement. There's a camping trip to plan, and a pond to observe (saw our local beaver trying to cross back from the high school across the busy local road. I think he made it - school is clearly smartening him up!).

There's a lot of good coming up, and it's all food for thought. I hope your orchids are blooming, your art has been plentiful (please find me - orchidhouse - on Pinterest - much of my re-discoveries are there!) and your hearts are light.

And to all the mommies out there, happy Mother's day :-)