Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year to You....(and to my neglected blog)

Good morning!

I hope you are warm, and safe, and calm inside.

I hope you have a new year ahead with more light, more liveliness, more intentional moments, less unplanned 'life storms'.

I hope you try harder, and win.

And try harder, and learn.

And try even smarter after that.

And never quit trying.

We feel like we are living when we try.

I wrote a three stanza poem two days ago (will post it after revisions....not sure when, though) and am working through a to-do list.

So far, the list is slightly on the winning side, but to be fair, the list is a little hefty. In a good way.

Time to make breakfast and welcome my family into the new year.

I hope for you it's a good one :-)