Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Posting on-the-fly

-21 C outside the Orchid House today - freaking BRRRRRRR!

Not the worst day to be trapped on the couch with a cuddly 3 yr old and a warm cozy laptop.  I feel really bad for my son - even though I know our neighbor will drive the little guys to the bus stop, I still can't stop thinking about his little knees knocking together once he starts walking to the bus.  It will probably be fine, but still - feels a bit like child neglect! Or, it feels guilt inducing like every other danged Minnesota winter does to worried parents!

My (patient! generous! Kind!) writing group buddy took the plunge and read through the creepy short story I am working at (er, it's barely qualified as a story - there's a lot of bits and pieces that need to be written - mainly I have a good Idea, a beginning, and an end.  Just not much middle part). And lo and behold, pointed out something I hadn't noticed (which was blindingly obvious when I thought about it for a second.) She gently pointed out the one space after a period standard - which I first posted about noticing here, just, er, hadn't gone in to fix on the story (how embarrassing!) And basically giving me a few ideas about how I can get around my 'stuckness'.  Is that a good friend or what?!

So, in line with our new year's resolution (Peace - in all areas of our lives, for Jon, and harder work, for me, on everything!) I think I'm only going to spend time on things with reason.

What the heck does that mean?

That means being clear with myself about why I post here, and why I get stuff out on the Writers Cafe.  And why I choose to work on the story, or on more poetry.

I want to be a better writer, because I really do want to find a way to share my writing with more people. But not just because it's my work.  I want to share it because it's good work. And there is no way to improve but by doing it.  So, off to do my day, because writing is part of it, and if I don't start the not fun stuff now, there's no time for the writing work later.  Speaking of later, writers group meeting is tonight, and that is always a place to learn something good.  And find motivation to keep on doing it, one page at a time.

All hard, yucky, unpleasant things can be dealt with one step at a time.  They may not be enjoyable steps, but they are unavoidable, and they are the only things between you, and where you want to be, so the only thing to be done is to take them.

Stay warm :-)


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