Friday, January 14, 2011

Progress update

Well, before the day starts heating up (and while I am waiting for the foot to throb a bit less) some notes on progress.

#1- Joined the Writers Cafe - an online writing community.  Even entered the Turkey poem in a contest.  One poet has already been kind enough to review two of my poems (The Humility, and ...from the letter box at the Senior Drop-In Center), and well, no wonder she liked them - her work has a similiar aesthetic. Of course, I only read two of hers and neither had rats or drunks, so it's not That similar.  But kind of perked up my afternoon. This community, plus my local group at Heritage, should help keep my a little more motivated than I've been on my own, lately.

#2 - I learned that you don't need a double-space after the period ending a sentence. Amazing. Now I just have to get used to Not Doing it.

#3 - I've decided to turn the mean-ass drunk musings into something called "The Rookie Flight." It will either be too cutesy or it just might work. I'll let y'all judge. 

#4 - On that note, when I do actually post poetry, please feel free to leave comments.  Just to see if you lot are paying attention, I may ask direct questions.  I'll be so put-out if you don't answer. (Hmm, in looking at this paragraph you'd think I never learned it's only one space after a period.)

#5 - Tomorrow, I'm finally getting my revoltingly grey roots decently covered at the beauty parlor! They may shoot me on sight in the entryway - for sullying their reputation with my poorly groomed state. However, if I don't actually get assaulted, I'll walk out with cute hair. Probably. And, (the good part) I can take a small sketchbook and do preliminary sketches for the interactive website in progress.

#6 - There's a whole lot to get done today to get that all rolling tomorrow. Food, laundry, dishes, finding sketchbooks....I have to get off my bottom and roll into gear.  Oh, yeah, I should post a pic of the 'scooter' too.

Alright, as you were.  Look out the window, it's truly something.

Happy weekend, everyone, especially my little sister.  Terri, get some sleep now :-)



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