Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ROW 80 check in #6 - Ooops, life happened!

Yes, my life is coming back to me.  I'm moving around more, almost zip for crutches (possibly not always the most brilliant move), cooking more actual food, and doing things I HAVE to do.  Parenting classes (I'll always take good advice in this dept. now, so I don't have to take as much later!!), parent involvement at school, adding more time to my son's violin practice (and having commensurately more playtime to make up for it with his sister), reconnecting with friends and family I've missed, more housework as I can, and trying to actually spend time in the evenings talking with my husband.

All of this is very good, normal stuff.

But all of it seems to take THREE TIMES LONGER THAN NORMAL!!!

Of course it does.

When you put your life on hold, for medical, emotional, or vocational issues, when you resume it, you will have to make up for what you missed.  Sometimes all at once.

So, where I left off:  The un-named WIP has had no attention from it's creator, so my two teenaged sociopaths are still out who-knows-where doing God-knows-what. Probably something foul and multi-syllabic.  My protagonist has acquired a conscience, and I've tipped the scales back from a story with a just ending to one with a realistic and cautionary ending.  I just think it's better writing, and when I find someone with a strong stomach, they can tell me which one works better. Having Not written the just one yet, I have a thin sense of which one it will be. I sent a new scene off to a friend for feedback on too-thin characterizations, or setting, or (hopefully NOT) Really Stupid Dialogue.

Having done all that, I'm ready for bed.  My regularly scheduled keytapping can probably resume tomorrow.  If I can get my bottom out of bed on time.

Love and sleep,


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  1. You sound so busy, I'm feeling tired reading that. LOL. It's amazing how much time all the daily stuff takes. I spent an hour with my 6 year old doing his homework yesterday. Doesn't seem possible!

    Your story sounds interesting - I like realistic endings myself.

  2. Glad to hear you're getting back on track with life! I guess life got in the way for both of us :)

    I'm intrigued by your WIP and personally, I love realistic endings. That's what real life is about, right? You can't go wrong if you go with your gut!

  3. Wow, I hope everything is getting better! Life most definitely does get in the way, but it sounds like you have things in control. Keep up the good work!

  4. Good Morning Claire! I know the homework marathon days are coming, so I'd better be grateful for 30 min. violin sessions! How awesome for your progress working around sessions like that!!

    Hello Claudia, thanks for dropping by! Your writing time hit it's own challenges, but you also sound like you are getting right back on track - excellent! It would be a shame if I didn't learn a few life lessons along with improving my story :-) Anyway, without life getting in the way, there's less for me to write about!

    Thanks for coming by, Laura! Things are definitely getting better - hence the busy!!! The feedback from the group helps a LOT :-)

    Hope you all have a lovely week and weekend - see you Sunday!

  5. Oof. Sounds like you've really got your hands full. As long as you're still thinking about where your novel is going that's great! My vote is cautionary ending. Those're the best. Like the one about the boy and the lion. Good stuff.

    Gorgeous site, btw.

  6. Hello, Tatti - thanks for coming by! I couldn't figure out how to follow your site on Blogger, by the way - I'll bookmark you :-) I know where the story is headed, I just have to slog through the story and write it, like everyone else, one word at a time :-) So far, folks are liking the realistic/cautionary tale ending, and thank you for weighing in!

    I'm glad you like the site - this template is so pretty - and kinda decrepit, at the same time. I like yours too - it's well-designed, highly navigable, and makes you want to poke around - the message-art you were doing made me smile. Take care, see you Sunday!