Tuesday, November 5, 2013

just a quick moment in time

slowly and surely wins the race...
Good November to you all :-)

I am sitting here with a view of the pond, the White Queen on t.v., a pile of tissues at my side, and a storm on the horizon. I've been keeping myself busy, and now there is a payback in the form of allergies. As my father-in-law is currently recovering from a surgery, I am confident that I could have a worse cross to bear!

The image at left is one of the embellished pointe shoes I am working on, as part of a fundraiser for Ballet Royale and the Twin Cities Ballet. Although I designed the shoe,  I am here to tell you I wish someone else had. Someone else who knows something about.....just how much work it is to sew jewels to a ballet slipper!! Also, someone who knows when enough-is-enough for the glue gun! 

I am happy to post the original design, as it may elicit sympathy for my headfirst plunge  into the idiocy of glue-guns before needles! I'd hoped to have the shoe complete by mid-September, but oh, the best-laid plans of mice and men.... and me. The shoe pictured above is finally ready for forming and stiffening (and if ANYONE out there runs across this post and knows of such things, please feel free to send a comment!) 

In other words, I am not a fabric artist. I never have been, and I have nothing but sympathy and respect for anyone who is!

Typing even this little has taken it out of me, but I think the first snow of the year may recharge my spirits, maybe even my energy? Hopefully I will reappear here more frequently with project updates. The shoes will hopefully be done and out of the house by the end of the week......i wish. I wish. I wish.

There. Third time's the charm.

Off to....whatever it is I am meant to be doing next. Rehydrating and tidying up my sadly scruffy kitchen. Anything accomplished after that is purely a bonus :-)

Happy fall, stay safe if the storm is coming at you as well, and enjoy your week.