Friday, January 28, 2011

600 odd words or so tonight :-)

I had the pleasure of a parent involvement day today at school, so my usual writing time - nap time, went by the wayside. I took a bit of time out of movie night - a good one, but really violent! yikes! - to write on the short work-in-progress (a wip, I guess :-)  and there's a poetry critique for a friend, waiting for the morning :-)

So, 600 words told, that I like, and deleting useless ones I decided I did not, seems like a good, albeit short, session.  Got past another tricky part - and didn't have to get too bloodcurdleing, either! (yay!)

Also, discussed pros and con's of pen-names with my hubby.  I hear it's a popular topic these days. Maybe it will be easier to finish the story if I remember my names not on it. :-)

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend :-)


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