Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whoa - A Round of Words in 80 Days

Hmm.  Ran across this Very Challenge.  You have 80 days to hit your writing goal.

Even I can finish something in 80 days.

How about that evil short story - it's half written, and I have confirmation that it is creepy from the one and only Stephanie Beck.  So, er, I'm jumping in late, but that's okay, because I am saying that my story is at least half written (not edited, not proofed, but at least written.)  And, if I should write. Edit. and Proof the darn thing, I will dedicate the rest of the 80 days (watch, I'll end up with 22 minutes at most left over!!) to building queries, bios, and other things that will buck up my confidence to start the submission process for the story AND some of the poems.  I think Winter is the most likely candidate (see it on the Poetry Page 1 link at right), but if any of you have other favorites, I'll take suggestions.

So, according to what others are doing on this challenge, I'd better formulate the writing routine, or this challenge won't have a prayer in the Orchid house ;-)

Okay, now, the rest of you.  :-)

Challenge yourself, just pick one thing you want to do really, really well this week.

Then make it happen.

Stay warm out there!



  1. Starting late won't matter, welcome aboard. :)

    Best of luck with the story, hope this round goes well for you!

  2. Thank you kindly! I am really intrigued about checking in with the rest of the links on this challenge - this is my first of this sort of thing :-) I'll undoubtedly learn something, finish something, and get a lot of good reading in as I follow along.

    Thanks for the kind wishes, and encouragement. I look forward to looking you up as well!