Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hey, the Orchid House Has a Funny Room - Who Knew?!

People of 2011 (i.e. - everyone!) Good Morning!

I am not doing anything fancy with this post, as some culture-cruising I did last night showed me up as a Rank Amateur.  However, for those of you who know me as an inveterate stick-in-the-mud and Luddite non-compare (oh, look it up!) you should be thrilled that I'm trying to see what popular culture even tastes like.  Sure, I could bend the ear of my lovely young cousins (I got BOATLOADS of 'em!) to see what is in, up, or "hawt", but none of them need that kind of grilling from their aging-artist elder.  So, I hit the internet in earnest, looking for commentary on music, culture, cooking, and other defining aspects of 'now'.

Now, Facebook is one place where, among other things, folks post about music.  And what I've seen so far scares the crap out of me.  So I dug into a different angle.

Have you ever seen the Bitchin' Kitchen?

Nadia G. - who actually seems to know her way around a spatula and explains euphemisms like 'crostini' has a part comedy routine, part cooking show (titled as mentioned), and I left it on last night while looking for CULTURE online.  My ear picked up one of her comments, about calling 'their beer-soaked 6 month pajama party a relationship' so I Googled her to see what other one-liners she had.  I found her "Bitchin Kulture" blog and almost fell off my couch laughing.

Nadia and her Bitchin Lifestyle team have a Plethora of articles on various and sundry areas of popular culture, and they got me good on music, specifically, idiotic lyrics.  Since I don't have their permission to reprint, I will simply give you the link, and Strongly advise you to check it out:

If our music is any indication of who we are as a people, well, we are a people clearly in need of a Big Time-Out, Remedial Science and Biology, and Mandatory Brainwashing with Miss Manners.

Off with you now.  Shoo.  Go giggle :-)


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