Thursday, January 6, 2011

I might actually be back.....

Good morning to you!

No, seriously. It feels like a really, really good morning.  I haven't sneezed my face off Once today.  Prepping a semi-healthy lunch for the kids didn't bring on a cold sweat.  I've been patient with my kids with zero effort (to be fair, aliens may have abducted my own kids and dropped off these dopplegangers in their place.  They are very, very, very good.) which hasn't happened for a while.

I may be back, a little closer to my old self again. 

I owe it all to my neighbor Jeanine.  She called to check in last night and I whined a bit about going up the steps, and how it seemed to take super human effort.  And about how much I wished the cappucino fairy would have dropped by and laid a good one on me.  Voila, she said she was just wondering what she could do to help with something, and offered to get me what I need. (and knowing me pretty well, she also included chocolates. what a gal.)

So, today was started with a Starbucks (TM or whatever) mocha frappacino in a bottle.

And I feel fine.

(Starbucks TM, you can thank me later)

Some poetry may get posted by Sunday after all!!


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