Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ROW in 80 Check in at the Orchid House

Got far enough past my stuck place to realize this is a horror story with a mystery thrown in.  I'm hoping to flip it back around....'cause I really am reluctant to 'go there' longer than I absolutely must.

So, I'm just past 4100 words.
I was committing to every other day writing, now I know I gotta write when I can, so I'm shooting for 4-5 days a week.
I have not done any poetry crit, or writing - it's my usual escape from working on the story.  I'll let myself do more next week, I just wanted to build up momentum and get past the stuck place.

Happily, I've also found inspiration from my fellow ROW 80's - so thanks to you all, whether I've got there to visit with you or not yet.  I'll stop by later today :-)

Have a great writing week - See you on Sunday!



  1. Sounds like you have an interesting story on the go. Mystery/horror = lovely :)

  2. Way to adjust that goal! So far almost everyone has adjusted their goal from their original and I'm so PLEASED about that just because that's what ROW80 is about. Nobody's beating themselves up (much), just making the adjustment and moving on!

  3. Thank you Tanja - it's interesting that I'm having a such a hard time stomaching the little b@st@rds I dreamed up! New problem for me, I guess :-) I may tap you as a beta reader when this thing gets wrapped (er, if it doesn't go to shambles, anyway) if horror and mystery are your thing. Thanks for checking in!

  4. Kait, I'm appreciating the reality check this challenge is giving me. By extension, I'm appreciating every single book in my library a LOT more than before. The community here is just lovely, and I appreciate the encouragement - thanks!

  5. It sounds interesting though!

    Know what you mean about building momentum, when you're getting somewhere it's hard to drop it - just in case. :)

    Good luck for the rest of the week, I'm sure you'll do great!

  6. Good job pushing past the point at which you were stuck. Mine sometimes bog me down longer... Great work.

  7. Claire - Thanks for checking in. I must be at a good place (oh, please don't laugh, this is my first short story. Every story writer has to write a first dreadful story, try to fix it, and then move past it. This is mine :-) because I'm reluctant to stop writing, but I turn into a pumpkin at one, so, off I go. I love your blog and will see you on Sunday :-)

  8. Craig, as I said, this is only my first short, but that might be what keeps me moving forward - I'll be relieved when it's finished, for good or bad :-) Hope you are doing well over there, Thanks for checking in!