Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Whirlwind

And I don't think I'm the only one.

Good afternoon, friends, it's been a long while. Hot days, educational wins, parenting fails, neighborhood fireworks, dog chaos, garden know.....summer.

Being a bit south of the Twin Cities, we've managed some EPIC rainfalls, smokin' hot days, and dangerous heat indexes. Commensurately, our cucumbers (as well as most herbs) have had explosive growth, the tomato leaves are so thick the fruit can't ripen, and there's been a stretch of days the kids were inside because of...... too damn hot.

In between this, I've overscheduled the kids on summer 'camps', we've been eating more salad, but have done much less cooking. And now we've passed midsummer. Both kids now eat bread with olive oil, but now that it's not too hot to bake it, it's too cool to rise...

Artistically, there are a few wins. I've taken some tiny steps forward on the big project (it has domain names now!) and I'm taking more time to sketch designs and ideas, and solidify product lines. I've also had some small - perhaps teeny - talk about marketing work. Happily, the marketing work would be something I have complete aesthetic harmony with, so that's alright. Might get right in the way of the project, or, conversely, impel me to jump-start it though, so....yeah. Nice pinch of serendipity to go right along with the "WTH?"

Writing? Six mini-short stories complete (first draft), and at least 2 more at the halfway mark. And, being that they are MINI-shorts, I thought an introduction might be good so I wrote one of them too. When we are past 'draft', it's possible I can start feeling ok about posting some here and there. The short stories correlate to the artwork project, (at right is the background of a multi-layered image in progress. SLOW progress) so I am investigating publishing options for them - Somerset Reader may be one, unless that publication went on hiatus ;-)

Really, that's some of it. Most of it, for now. Time is flying, so I must flap to catch up. There is something funky in the air and I really could use a moment to grab it with two hands and hang on for the ride.

I'm off to get that moment now :-)

Take care, and treasure the rest of your summer days. I'll be checking in more frequently again, there is rather a lot of interesting going on right now ;-)

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts!!