Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A little poetry on the horizon

Hey Gang - It's a balmy -2 F (er, -18 C, for the rest of the world) outside the Orchid house. Which has the kids cooped up, and me feeling grateful that I am NOT hopping on crutches with my son to the bus stop today. (Oh, he'll go to school, but a dear neighbor will get him there in a vehicle. Much warmer for all concerned.)

The snowfall yesterday was almost hypnotically relaxing - which worked for me since I am down with a head cold and need to keep my foot still.  The best thing to come of it was an idea for a poem that I want to  semi-animate.  Just for you all. Right here in the Orchid house.

So, I pose a question for you lot -

Does anyone know of a way to save a powerpoint slideshow/presentation in a YouTube format, or is that something I could embed stand-alone in Blogger? Or, does it work better to have it 'saved' somewhere 'out here' in the GoogleVerse, and just link to it?  Thematically, it would work better if I could launch it right outta the Blog, but my brain is too slow (seriously - I took 20 min. to get breakfast for 3 today and I was glowing like a pig when I was done!) to really work through the issue.

Taking suggestions, if ya got 'em! (really sorry, but I'm too thickheaded for words! And I've barely got the stamina of a two-day old baby rabbit right now)

Stay warm, friends, it's always good when you drop by.


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