Friday, January 21, 2011

-29 F. (Er, -39 C. Yup, it's cold enough for me.)

Actually, 0 was plenty cold enough for me.  I don't know what this world is coming to, but school is Not actually cancelled.  Or Delayed.  It takes a lot to get schools to close for snow emergencies, but  when the temperature is actually life threatening (no wind chill on that title, folks.  That's actual air temp!), couldn't we just keep the babies home?!!

It's pretty quiet around here. I have phone calls to do later, and shopping lists.  Yesterday Jon was working late and the kids got a little stir crazy from a long day with mom. I don't blame the poor things, it's  not like I can do much, here.  I am trying to use my leg and foot more and more, but some tylenol would go a long way to making it happen.  And in between, it just has to rest.

No real writing yesterday, just a lot of correspondence, but it was all necessary. So today will be to finish notes to people kind enough to check in with me, and more writing, too.  The new poems and the story all need a whole lot of work. Tomorrow, any writing has to work around family - after all, if I don't make a point of HAVING a life, I can't possibly write about one!!! In the meantime, I'm daydreaming about a healthier foot and the return of 'fun mama'.

Take care, don't leave home unless you absolutely must!



  1. Hope that leg gets better soon. Good luck with the writing, and enjoy your family time! Have a great night. :)

  2. What happened to your foot? And where on Earth are you? Brrrr.... I won't complain about my mere seven degree weather then. Heck, it's downright balmy compared to your temps!

  3. Good Morning MamaElk! I am recovering from a foot surgery, where I had my right foot's arch corrected and-eek-bunion corrected, by means of a handful of surgical screws. I've just now started walking on the heel, without crutches, and have only now realized how ridiculously exhausting it is. so No writing last night, so I'll make up for it during my daughters nap today. Rats.

    However, your encouragement actually helps fire me up to do some today, so thanks for checking in!!! Hope to return the favor :-)


  4. Good Morning Kimberly!
    (er, see above for my tootsie woes. Two surgeries in one year (so that when healed, my feet will finally match.) but the right should be in good shape by... March. (Hmm. That should sound funnier than it does ;-)

    Yes, 7 would be 36 degrees warmer than the Twin Cities are - we're about 5.5 hours south of Canada, (not the warm happy temperate part of it, either!) Regardless of your location, 7 doesn't qualify as all That warm, not even here!!

    Thanks for checking in! Weather in Minnesota has...surreal on it's side :-) So if you need to count blessings, you can always start with "well, at Least I Don't Live There!"

    Take care,