Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pro's....and Con's

Hmmm. 3 degrees again. (-16 C in the rest of the world).)  I'd typically say something about how enough is enough....but.  We are Minnesotan's here.  Our job is to either get used to the damned weather, or...leave.

Easy for me to say, of course.  I'm still stuck on the couch. But, I have more progress to log, miniscule though it is :-)

#1 Spent a good chunk of time bearing weight on my heel yesterday, sans crutches, and the foot doesn't hurt too ridiculously bad today.  On the heel, anyway...the rest of the foot is Totally unimpressed with me and is aching pretty badly. Tylenol, do your job!

#2 Finished some critter work for a poet friend in the UK - ('critter' is slang for 'critique pal' and I laugh when I see it in print.  Silly visual :-) the poem is a good one and I am intrigued to see what she does with it.  If she had a website I'd point you there myself. If it's Really good, I'll be able to post a link to where it gets published - go Julia!

#3 Determined that I can't do a lot of writing Every night, on the Round Of Words in 80 Days challenge, but I think it's fair if I do chunks every Other night.  My daughter is 3 and doesn't care if mommy is up too late, potty time is potty time, and if that means mommy only gets six and a half hours of sleep, well, mommy should know better by now!

#4 Got rid of one page (accidentally duplicated) in the short story, and added about one and a half new ones. Something tells me I'm going to be toning down the creepy horror factor.  There isn't a lot, but it's....icky. 

There. Progress.  I have beau-coup things to do today - fundraiser stuff for the school, folks to catch up with, things to sort, things to get ready for other people to mail, so it's coffee time.  I'll think about writing when I have to, right now, it's time to think about the thing that makes writing happen.

Life :-)

Have a good day my friends,

Stay warm!


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