Sunday, January 23, 2011

Progress on ROW 80, of sorts

I learned a few things this week, in regard to this challenge :-)

#1 Don't.  Just don't.  Take your health for granted.  Ever. And, find a way to schedule writing in that Doesn't depend on 'if I feel good enough'. 

#2 Don't feel guilty about doing things that are good for you.  Writing is good for writers.  Going out together is good for married people if they are home with the kids a lot.  Staying Home with the kids is good for people who go out a lot.  And time by yourself is Very good if you are around your family a lot.  Especially if it allows writers to write.

#3 Writing poems is equally as hard (er, When it IS hard) as writing stories.  And equally as easy. 

- I picked a schedule (every other day) and stuck to it.  Except when I got sick.
- I kept up my correspondence with my writing partner, and sent a poem to an objective reader for review
- The short story got less time than I wanted it to. So as to inspire a breakthrough, No poetry this week. I mean, if I still get new ones popping up, I'll write them down, but no editing, or reworking, or critting on them. Just the story. 

I am excited about this coming week.  :-)

Now, off to blog hop and see what other folks are up to!  We've made it to SEVEN DEGREES FAHRENHEIT.  That is 38 degrees warmer than it was 3 days ago!!  Hells Bells, we can go outside again without actual, measureable, Pain!!


Have a great writing week, and if you are not writing something, just enjoy the heatwave.

Things I would do if my foot wasn't in recovery:
A late-evening walk with the kids in the 'balmy' weather
Build a snowman with them tomorrow
Make two boatloads of cookies
Take them to the zoo and walk the hell out of the MN trail.

Going to ponder how I could work around the foot to accomplish some of these during the warm-up.

Happy Winter, everyone :-)



  1. I hope you feel better now. Sounds like you've done your best this week and that's all that matters. :D Good luck for next week!

  2. Sounds like you met most of your goals, Shari. Good for you. And that's the beauty of ROW80 compared to NaNoWriMo... it's only as hard as you make it on yourself. :)

  3. Mornin' Tanja - Good luck right back atcha - this morning is starting off with good momentum. I'm excited to hop around today and see how everyone is doing!! Have a great writing week!

  4. Hi Craig - yes, I like the "pace yourself, but stick with it!" vibe of this challenge. I hope you make it only as tough as you need to this week - do good work! I'll hop in on other blogs during my daughter's nap. Take Care!