Sunday, February 13, 2011

New one, another poem about Winter

I'm still mulling over Winter, Act 1 - got some tremendous feedback from a talented writer and if I put the WIP aside, I really need to re-work it. Or, why else get the crit? :-)

In the meantime, Winter is up to other business, see below:

Winter’s Love Letter

I smoothed it over for you, love.

Twenty miles an hour (gusting up to fifty)
Isn’t easy for half a day, at ten below.
But I’d always do it for you.

The canvas outside your window
Is picture perfect
To lay your dreams on, my love.

The hoarfrost took timing
Of course, but how else may
I shower you with diamonds?

I’ve long loved your pale
cheeks tinted with roses
But, then, I’m sorry for the bite

Every time.  Please forgive
A tired old man
His old-fashioned ways.

If I give you a new down
Blanket tonight
Would you come to me under the stars?

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