Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"The game's a....foot". Or, is the foot FINALLY GAME!!!

Firstly, happy snowmygawd the second to all of you. Anyone wanting a record snowfall is welcome to come here - the drift on my deck is significantly higher than my hips and bellybutton, and that's a heck of a lot of snow, even short as I am.

Special shout-out to my fabulous, NEWLY engaged, and always-missed cousin James - I've been off the midget-sticks for 3 weeks, pal, how ya doin' on the cigs? ;-)

I have a few competing thoughts here - I've finally seen Sherlock Holmes (Downey and Law) and love it love it love it. so much. Gonna watch it again at least 10 more times, that's about how many times I've read the stories :-) So, yes, the title owes something to Robert Downey Jr.

In the good-news/bad news dept., I had wonderful buddy time with a great friend on Saturday (I'm working my way down visiting my list of buddies that I miss terribly over this winter and this foot.) Sadly, the mega-calories I consumed between lunch with her and date night with Jon had something amiss, I was hideously nauseous, exhausted, and headachey all damned day long Sunday, and it took me the morning today to feel more normal. HOWEVER -

Part of the reason for my excess (and no, I don't even want to go into it - gluttony IS a sin for a reason!!!) is that I am celebrating standing on more than One foot!! I was able to stand in the shower for the first time since December! I've been in my tennies today and I know the feet will be fatigued tomorrow, but I can at least use both of them! Yesterday I couldn't even tie my right shoe, today it's knotted in a cute little bow. Our family may just be on track to get our normal lives back, and I, and they, are so Very ready for that.

It simply must be said. My husband is a friggen' ROCK STAR for the way he held the line here at home, plus his job, plus all the physical kid duties on the weekend, Plus driving everyone everywhere - Plus a Whining Wife!!! I am going to dig up his favorite foods, music, movies, shows, deserts - EVERYTHING for his birthday in March - I want him to feel Somewhat rewarded for his endless labors :-)

There's so much on my mind - to take the worry of electrical fire out of our lives, we made room in the budget for a brand-new coffee maker - yay! I found our food processor (requirement if I want healthy food to come to my family more often out of our kitchen!) broken, so we cleared room for a new one of those too! And, my pretty 'love letters' valentines blankie should be coming soon...

Between learning how to use my coffee pot and my new kitchen gadgets, it could be a kinda shrimpy writing week. On the other hand, if my gadgets save more time.... ;-) who knows?

Any way, I'm burbling.  I'm All kinds of happy over here - I truly hope your week goes beautifully too...

Sweet dreams, my friends.



  1. Good luck with those gadgets. No snow up here. Just wind and cold. Have a great week Shari.

    Glenn M

  2. Hiya Glenn - the snow changed directions about halfway through the storm, so everything that was headed east originally seems to have stacked up on my deck :-) With the foot back, it's going to be great to have my kitchen toys ready!

    Sorry it's stinkin' cold though :-( Stay warm and safe!