Wednesday, February 16, 2011

quick progress update-post now, proper post later (probably:-)

hello Sunshine!  It's very bright and warm outside - I think it's the beginning of the Idea of Spring, here.  I'm in a ridiculously good mood today, which always helps, and also tends to fuel more good writing time. Which puts me in an even better mood. :-)

Last night, with the ever awesome Laurie from the Heritage Writers group, I focused on plot structure, and plot structure only.  Until we switched computers and read each other's stuff.  I got warm fuzzy's, she got shivers and chills. I think I got the better end of the deal.

So, in terms of story structure, I finalized what has to happen, and where in the story it has to happen (er, until I complete draft one). That should mean that I can open the WIP, decide what section I want to attack, and just write it. When there's nothing left to fill in, the trickier part (constructing segues logically from one plot point or plot 'cookie' to another) will hopefully not be quite as tricky as it seems now.

My process lately has been getting bogged down in questions that seem to need answering in the story, so it will be nice if 'finishing the plot' reduces that phenomena. And if not, well, it's not like writing is always that easy. Hard work hasn't killed That many people, yet. :-)

So, that's where we are at: Mission accomplished on the plot, and holiday time is over, so, hopefully my writing-time distractions will be at a minimum. I'm aiming for another 1000 words by Sunday, so let's see how close I can get.  There's only one other distraction, though.

Pretty sure we are buying a (used) IPad today ;-)


(Humorous update - the nice fellow we were going to buy the IPad from has hit a problem....apparently, his wife is not too happy about him selling it.  I'm wondering if he forgot to talk it over with her? :-)  Of course, I found this out today when I called Jon to tell him my excitement about the digital sketchbook software ;-) So, maybe we are not....)

Ah me.  Maybe I'll get one AFTER I finish the story, as a reward???

Check out our fellow ROW 80-ers below, and give them a Howdy!!


  1. Nooo, not the iPad, you'll never put it down again! *Is jealous*

    Send me some of your weather, nice bright sunny days make me happy too and everything seems easier on those nice days after the depths of winter. :)

    Good stuff on the progress - plot can be the hardest part. If you know where you're going then it's easier to just get stuck in and write, I think. Best of luck dragging yourself away from the iPad this week. ;)

  2. Congrats on the iPad!

    Nice to have the plot tucked safely away. I always feel so accomplished when I get those bits worked out, at least in my head. So, yay YOU!! You'll probably get those 1000 words easy-peasy now.

  3. Hiya Claires!
    I am going to have to wait a few days for the stylus, but I'm going to be shopping for apps tonight :-) I think the first thing I'll load is organization programs, so I don't stay utterly sucked into it!! It's probably best that it is impractical as-is for prolonged typing.

    Would love to send warm weather across the pond right now, but you'll have to wait for it to come the old-fashioned way, sorry dear! Thanks for the encouragement, ladies - I'm excited if I have anything on Sunday to offer (other than IPad callouses....;-)