Wednesday, February 9, 2011

- something awful out there..... and by the way, what's your favorite coffee maker?

I so need to get a few things rolling.  My writing time is usually deferred to my daughters nap time on an every-other-day basis. Evenings after the kids go to bed need to be kept for me and Jon - what's the point of having an amazing husband who still makes your heart leap....if you don't talk to the guy? The kids get up early in the morning if they end up in bed with us - which today they BOTH did (need to watch what they drink before bed!! Early am potty breaks...just don't help.) so early writing sessions would be ideal....if we can avoid THAT problem.

My coffeepot (the scent of which wakes me from a dead slumber) is on the fritz and frankly isn't too safe, so I can't program it to wake me in the morning.  On that note - and I'm serious - PLEASE COMMENT with your favorite brand/make of coffee brewer - just click the cute little orange 'comments' link below the post. I almost bought the 12 C Cuisinart programmable coffee maker, and upon researching it, found that it has a nasty habit of bursting into flames, even at only 6 months old.  I don't have the patience to use my french press in the early am, and no-coffee is non - negotiable!  Post your preference - I'd rather get reviews from a few reliable sources other than Cuisinart's site :-), and I've found I don't have the patience for all 483 comments at Amazon (oddly enough...)

So, it's off to help kids with their morning stuff, harness up a Barbie horse, start the pot roast, and gear up for a (hopefully) solid afternoon writing session.  And then do the ROW 80 update :-)

Stay warm, safe and well :-)


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  1. Shari - we're on our second Cuisinart 12 cup programmable (this one: in black) and we've never had a burst-into-flames issue. After Derek and the kids, it may be the love of my life. The first didn't survive a move, hence the need to replace.