Monday, February 7, 2011

diving in again

Just turned on Sigur Ros, as I love the bigness of it for writing sessions. And the fact that Siena is the only one in the house who's actually able to sing along, and she's napping - no distractions there :-)

Watered the Token orchid yesterday (it's roots are up in the air, as if to say "I Surrender!!!! Don't hurt me!! Is it possible I've done something wrong with it's care??!!) and today is a re-boot day. I think I have to muse and type to keep the story moving, so one more trip upstairs, then muse and type I shall. Maybe I'll get another scene done. The poetry bug is biting pretty hard, though, so hopefully the story will swat it back for awhile.

Make your Monday a good one, it will cheer you up this week :-)


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