Thursday, February 24, 2011's a different Orchid House! Where's my ROW 80? ;-)

Good morning!

(yes, it is. It isn't 20 below, not even close.  Cloudy maybe, snowing, NO!)

For the past two days, I've been in high gear getting back "in the swing of things." I am still really, really slow at steps - I find them still fatiguing, and our place has three staircases that we use all the time. There's a lot of stiffness in my foot that's not going to go away soon at All, so I just really need to pace myself.

But, I'm totally back on my normal household routines, and they do take a little longer than they used to.  Happily, they have me caught up on houswork now, so I'm back on track to resume naptime writing :-) You wouldn't believe how much more gets done when a shower takes 8 minutes rather than 20!

So, no new action on the short story.  Or poetry. Normal writing activity to resume this afternoon, and I'm still pretty confident about making my goal for the week - 1100 words by Sunday.  That isn't a huge amount, but considering how much I end up deleting/rewriting along the way, it will end up being more like 1500.

Big challenge, but I could still get close :-)

I hope everyone has a good weekend coming up - I think everyone could use one.

Take care everyone!!!

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  1. wow, I hope you mean -20 in Celsius and not Fahrenheit! But that's still pretty danged cold.

    Sounds like you're back in the saddle again, in more ways than not. I like 20 min showers but probably not for the same reasons that you prefer 8 minute ones now. LOL

  2. LOL - sadly, Claire, our winter has had Lot's o' days around -20 Farenheit - probably around 20 days, the rest have been more reasonably between -5 F & 15 F. Today is then, a HEATWAVE at 19 (f)!

    Lots of global warming non-believers in Minnesota...;-)