Friday, February 18, 2011

"and the next a$$hole muttering about you-know-who being in the details is gonna get punched".

How's that for a closing line of a poem?

I couldn't tell you what my muse looks like.  I don't know where she is, what her real name is, or which axe she'll be grinding next.

All I know is I'm trying to put the kids to bed, mentally revise my schedule to accommodate more on my to-do list, and settle down for the day, and Lo and behold, guess who shows up. 

At 10:30 pm, my kids room, they're still muttering and tossing, and Terpsichore's kid sister starts pouring her evening's grudge into my ear.

Forcing me (paperless and penless - AS USUAL) to memorize the damned thing for half an hour so I don't miss anything.

Finally, both babies are out (hold the comments on my lame-a$$ parenting 'till next time, pretty please? :-) cold, I bolt downstairs, answer one question for my hubby, plop down, and write for 3 pages and a bit.  It's rough, someplace between a bit ironic and heavily devout, and inclusive of dremel tools, bacteria, octupi, and rust.
And tornados.

And it has one doozy of a last line.

And no, still not on track to make my goal this week for the short story.  That will take an act of you-know-who.

sweet and muse-less dreams to you all ;-)



  1. Oh man! You and your muse. You need to just start carrying a mini notebook in your pocket and an Ikea sized pensil. Good luck on the short story goals for the week! Still three days left. Toss the laundry in the washer at the start of naptime, sit your buns down and write...says the mom who wishes she'd take that advice more often!

  2. Tell me about it- arrrrghh! Yep, if I could have figured out a way to do that without waking the kids, it would have worked well. (but yes, it happens enough I should.know.better!)

    Today is a good one for the nap time session, but a little more challenging with school being off today. (pouts. Sees this for the excuse it is....)

    Think I will have to make it work without the muse though. Garlic on the door? ;-)

    How's this sound - I'll work on the story if you get that baby show on the road....(tee hee)