Tuesday, February 8, 2011

spring in my step, where there aren't screws 'n bolts instead...

Okay, it's like 900 degrees below zero today, and sure enough, I bet I could pinpoint (heh - get it? Pins?! ok fine, I crack myself up, anyway) every damn piece of hardware in my right foot. Even the plate on the left has a mild...something going on, and that one's been installed for a year now. If this blogging/writing/art thing doesn't pan out, I think I've a fine future in meteorological prognostication. Holy cow I spelled it right on the first try. That means telling the weather when my dogs start barkin'.

Uh, anyone else know what language is coming up next? I am off the map today folks. arggg.
(okay, there's pirate. thar she....you get the idea.)

We finished our parenting classes last night, and recapped what we got out of it. Basically : #1 You're probably doing a better job than you think you are. #2 Intentional parenting trumps accidental parenting everytime. Yes, that's pretty much common sense. But it's amazing how far from intentional you can wander when you don't remember to think about it. It's always worth considering the job, when your job is raising future adults :-)

I've reconnected with a handful of friends I lost touch with  a long time ago, through one mishap or another.  Life happens, and people get busy, but it's really nice to see that they all seem to be doing pretty well, and have lives of meaning and joy.

Today is not a writing day, it's a getting-things-done and setting-up-the-rest-of-the-week-for-good-days kind of day.  It's a day to think about making a cool valentine for my husband and kids, for making sure we get Vincent his valentines for school friends, and for actual meal planning.  And, some exercise. I can't do a lot from the couch, but I bet I can get on the floor and do push ups or crunches. I had a real epiphany this weekend about how down and unpleasant I've gotten from being stuck in the house, off my routines, and low on physical activity.  My husband and I've spent more time talking in the evenings lately, and that's been a really nice feeling - on the other hand, it's so good to concentrate on something other than my health that it's not Too hard to get giddy when I'm this happy.  Writing another 400 on the story yesterday, while deleting another 100 less than amazing words may also have something to do with this.

I know - what kind of a brainless ass goes around talking about how happy they are??? Probably ones that read all the classics when they were little, and forgot all about 'em when they got big!! Let's rephrase, and just say I'm feelin' grateful.

For all of you still battling cruddy colds and/or serious illness,  or 900 below zero weather, or just the serious blahs, hang in there. There will be one thing that makes some of this better.  Maybe not right this second, but something will change for the better soon. And sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

Be well,


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