Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally cracked 5000 words

I can't say they're all good ones, but tonights scene moved the plot along, which is good.  I seem to do better at writing scenes than connections between them - I see a few problems with this situation down the road though. :-)

I also (in a fit of frustration) hit the pause button on the story, and sought out the endlessly amusing "who do I write like' analysis.  It's no reflection on these authors, but in no particular order, various parts of the short story in progress appear to be written by David Foster Wallace, Dan Brown (grrrr), J.R.R. Tolkien, William Gibson, and Mary Shelley.

If Misters Wallace and Gibson should run across this, please note this is my first short story and will probably not be noteworthy enough for you to die of embarrassment by association.  Actually I would probably die of embarrassment before admitting this out loud.  I blame it all on the link at right and above - copy a bit of your last email and paste it in, and see which author you are ape-ing.  

Anyway, I will only get through this story one slogging step at a time, so, there, I wrote some sloggy bits and now am done.  To the shower, and, eventually, some wine, and sleep. Maybe, if I'm a good girl, I'll have some quiet time to write in the morning. Crossing my fingers now..... :-)

Sweet dreams :-)


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