Sunday, February 13, 2011

ROW 80 check-in #9 - chickens coming home to roost

....and those chickens are really good at eating time :-)

Sometimes it's handy to remind myself that if I don't actually take the time to "live" in my life, my life won't give me much to write about.  Kid parties, parent time, and a little more emphasis on family time all caught up with us. In other words, we're having a pretty good weekend :-)

The WIP is needing some focused time - a bigger chunk of it than usual - to map out wheat I've got, what I need, and how to get there.  Tuesday night our regular writing group time got hijacked by a Jack London lecture at our usual location -  the Library.  Jack London is the bees' knees in my book, but the need for writing time -  a full hour and a half, uninterrupted by cute little short people - is too good to pass up.  So, on Tuesday, I'm going fire up a huge decaf cappuccino, take my computer with me, and plot like a fiend with Laurie (another time-challenged writer and mom), while the rest of our group gets inspired and educated at the lecture.

Today is a coffee date after church with a good friend I've lost track of over time. Some window shopping after that, and doing what we need at home to get the house ready for the week.  The story has been there for six and a half years, it's not going to go anywhere else in a few days :-)

Have a great week, everyone!  (hmm, linky's are missing....)


Cheer on the gang below! They are writing their BOTTOMS off!!!


  1. unlike you I have the time and I really admire all of you who have families to nibble away at time - like you tho' I do know I have live a life so today is lace day - peaceful and full of rather ribald laughter - old ladies when they get together ! well blush girls blush and other meetings later this week.

    good luck with the bypass of Jack London - I think he's good - needs nerves of steel not to get side tracked

    keep smiling

  2. It's way too easy to get obsessive about writing and forget about the rest of the world. Even the mundane things can be used somewhere in a story - I just have to keep reminding myself of that!

    Glad to hear you had a good weekend. :)

  3. Good Morning Ladies - thanks for coming by!

    Alberta, your day sounds like a blast! Jack London is incredible, but life is short, so (ruthlessly, she says) London lectures can wait. 90 minutes of free writing time is a gift :-)

    Claire, you, even more than I, have access to fabulous mundane-ities. I think that you manage a foot in each 'world' beautifully, and I doubt the rest of your world gets forgotten for long. :-) I hope your daughter's healing keeps rolling along really well.