Sunday, February 20, 2011

ROW 80 check in...almost did my 1000 here.....d@mn you, sexy IP@d, you

As predicted by one of the lovely Claires, the IPad did a mega-number on my writing schedule.

It does digital artwork Shockingly well, there's an odd picture that started as randomness that I persisted in turning into a portrait - mainly to learn how to learn 'Sketchbook Pro' - the best use of $2.99 I've had in a while.  Pic will be posted here later Sunday.

So, despite the addition of the nefarious and seductive little stinker, I did write this week.  The poem I gripe about below probably got the whole ball rolling, ill-timed or not.

And tonight, to reward myself for standing in the shower (a stunt I've not been able to manage since December), I sat down, with apologies to my husband, and wrote 857 words that mattered (not sure how many I chopped  are included in that total :-) to moving the story forward.

So, I reset the goal for next week.  To 1100 words - maybe I'll clear 900 :-)  And, if I can edit the poem, that may make an appearance here too.

To bed, to bed.  I saw "True Grit" for datenight, and am listening to "Prison Girls" as I finish this up.  Perfect ambience for the section of story I am at, actually.  Time to finish my wine and find a pillow.

What a great day - hope yours was the same!!!

(cheer on my fellow ROW 80-er's below!! Hop around!)



  1. Oh, I can relate to distractions...even my reading and movie watching draw me away. So does my blogging sometimes.

    But my total word count isn't too shabby....

    Here's my ROW 80

  2. I love gadgets - especially when they're new. I'll spend all my time with them. It's great that you got any writing done at all. Best of luck this week!

  3. sounds you're happy - what is the seductive little number you have that draws so well - sounds like something we could all while away our time with!! - keep smiling

  4. Haha, damn iPad! :D

    You did really well though, especially considering you got a new toy - that's my own personal weakness. ;)

  5. That is a really good song. Have to check out more of her. Great progress!

  6. Hello Laurel-Rain, I think I can learn something about perseverance from writers like you! No, I'd say your word count is far, far from shabby!!!

    Catherine - I'm hoping the novelty factor is out of my system now. Possibility is always exciting, but this week I think I could use a little more discipline :-) Thanks for the luck, with the way today started, I'm grateful for it!

    Hi Alberta!! The boxwave stylus + IPad + Sketchbook Pro is what UTTERly derailed me. I do believe anyone, artistic background or not, would get pretty pulled in - it's a total Hoot! Thanks for the encouragement, I'm seriously under the weather today (having nothing even to do with our hideous snowstorm)and have only got on to check in with the ROW 80 tribe now - dang near dinner time...(pathetic, pathetic, pathetic...)

  7. Yes, Claire - DAMN you IPad! Fortunately, with three others to share it with, I should be able to snap out of this soon!!

    Hi Andrew - yes, check out anything Neko Case has ever done, she's utterly, utterly tremendous. And the atmospherics in her lyrics (tee hee, poetry everywhere!!) '...down a corridor, so poorly lit - there's moths fly-ing away from it...'
    are unbeatable, especially for the undertones/overtones in my WIP. Thanks for stopping by!!!