Saturday, February 5, 2011

Early ROW 80 Check-in #7 at the Orchid House

Well, after a danged dry writing week (and low humidity indoors, too, thanks to our brief deep freeze! Baaaad stuff for an orchid house!) I've gotten a little further ahead.

#1 - Did a proper critique for my poetry partner Julia
#2 - More slogging through the story today - the time was hard-won, as Not One Soul in this house knows what mama's version of quiet time is all about yet :-) Added about 450 words this week.....
#3 - An interesting draft of a love poem this morning - a genre I haven't written for a while.  Turnabout's fair play, so Julia, be ready!
#4 - Enjoyed an excerpt from Stephanie Beck's "How To Sweeten a Mother-In-Law".  Really need to figure out how to purchase an e-book/story to read on a computer, since I seem to be the last Luddite on the planet without an e-reader.  Check it out at Amazon for the Kindle edition - seems like Quite the fun and evil short read :-)

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. Good work this week! No one knows the meaning of quiet time in my house either. :)

    You can read things on your computer downloaded from if they are published on there. You might want to check.

  2. I love that word "luddite". Extra credit points for using it in a sentence in a manner that seemed perfectly natural. Sorry you had to slog; I've had a few periods like that too, so I know the feeling. Cheers!

  3. time to treat yourself to a whip - crack some lessons on quiet behaviour!!!
    well done on all you acheived
    keep smiling

  4. Hey Stacey! Thanks for the Smashwords tip, I'll absolutely check it out - as I mentioned I'm woefully behind the times. Glad you could check in, I'll be by a bit later, I think. I like seeing how other folks deal with family time vs. quiet time:-)

    Claire, thanks for noticing the antiquated vocab. over here - I'm currently working on reviving 'purloined', but it's a slightly trickier go :-) This week is already looking better, writing-wise, I think. Er, I hope! Hope your week is slogging-free!

    Hello Alberta! I think my bigger problem is understanding how a clock works, rather than making my kids play the 'hey mom' game :-) I haven't been consistent in my schedule, so it's not quite their fault, poor dears :-) Have an excellent week!

  5. Looks like you achieved more than I did! You should reward yourself w/ some chocolate!

  6. Hey Claudia, your week was Quite impressive!

    The Landscape Arboretum has an orchid festival starting this weekend, I'm going to get the hubby to take us there - it's a long haul, but a cool destination, so even the kids like it. That's my reward - orchids in February :-) And, being pre-V day, they'll probably have some chocolate around there for a snack ;-)