Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wow - July here already! Independence, fireflies, swimming, ROW-ing....

Here we are again, your faithless blogger getting revved-up to do something concrete to that darn W.I.P. (work-in-progress, if you've missed it :-). Which means, yes indeedy, that I am signing up for the third round of self-flaggelation trudging toward my goal of finishing my no-longer-very-short horror story. My first one EVER.

Round three of "A Round of Words in 80 Days" - a brilliant challenge that assumes you have a LIFE, and that you also have a yen to create with words is up and rolling and that means GOALS. Not always the thrilling ones you get in a Washington Capitals game (MN Wild, you have a LOT to answer for this year!) but....actually, they are kind of thrilling when you merrily type away and realize you've added ten big ol' paragraphs to your WIP. The assumption is that if the goals don't work out - on a steady basis - that you will change them accordingly.

I am (as a mix-up-your-medium artist) beginning a 12 week workshop on creative life as a mother (a totally non-subtle plug for "The Artistic Mother", by Shona Cole - an art plan that recognizes the juggling act typifying motherhood and the artistic urge.) This ain't detracting from ROW 80, it just means that I have thrown the visual arts out the window for so very long that my psyche is stretching thin. Both ROW 80 and Ms. Cole's book assure you that a routine will help your progress mightily. Heck, Flylady says the same thing. So, knowing that I am a Fabulous starter, an okay worker in the middle bits, and a disaster at finishing things, I'm expecting the next 12 weeks to be something of a roller coaster - ups and downs and a predictable end.

But I'll do it anyway.

Adventure calls - we've spent days last week at the pool, at the lake, and spent evenings catching fireflies. Today we will be off to do hiking at Taylor's Falls, so I have to scamper. Goals to be posted tonight ;-) There's a good long car ride, so I have lots of time to work them out.

Happy July to you all!


Fellow ROW 80 Challengers - some mighty fine writers below, feel free to visit them and give 'em some love!


  1. Glad your back for another round!!

  2. 56 ROW-ers!!! Beyond awesome, and I get to be one of them - with you too!! IF you let ANYONE read your Fury pre-quel before me, you will hear me doing 'di girly boo-hoo' (crying Buckets, in dragonese, via Cresida Cowell) all the way down in VA!!! I am quite particular about my beta-reader status ;-) And particularly happy about ROW-ing again :-) Best to you!!!

  3. The pressure!! Of course you get first dibs. And you get to read Parallel too. You read one, you get saddled with the other :)

  4. Sweet!!! and Rower's now up to 65??? Can't wait to get my grubby paws on your Lovely Stories!!

  5. Sounds like you have a mix of things going on, which can be really good! Looking forward to hearing more about your WIP and your art. :)

  6. Thank you, Cricket - it will be interesting! The mix is on - for all of us, I think :-)

  7. Sometimes it's easier to get word done when you're juggling many projects. Good luck with your goals!
    Oh yea, Go Habs Go :-)

  8. Hello Deniz!!! thanks for popping by, and I agree, more on the plate makes you use your time better - mainly because you need to do something fun!! go habs go - you are cracking me up!! I hope this week Rocks for you too!!