Sunday, July 10, 2011

80 m.p.h. winds and ROW 80 too!

Hello, gang!

Sirens are a-hooting, winds are a blowin', and I'm trying to wrap up a few more things that are standing between me and bedtime (ideally, not spent in our basement cowering in fear from our weather) this has gotta be fast...

Goals were 5x/week writing, weekends off, start the Artistic Mother 12 week program, exercise a bit more, blog 2x/week, and draw in the family as much as possible during creative or preperatory efforts.

Exercise - not bad. Hiked like mad on Wednesday and went swimming, let feet rest Thursday, walked over 2 miles Friday night, retreated from the heat on Saturday like the big ol' wimp that I am, swam for 30 min. today, and took a 30 minute 'nightwalk' with my son (encountered 3 frogs, one birdnest down from Last night's storm, one golden retriever.)

Writing - Wednesday - Big ol' blog post on goals, extra and unintended politics blog post on Thursday ( I am So fed up with my state government right now!!!) which ate the WIP time. Friday-Sunday critically derailed by our small-town holiday week - classic car parade, 2 hr. marching parade, vintage aircraft and military vehicle display and demonstrations at our local airport. Friday was busy (and I had known it would be), and it's the only day I didn't do Any writing. Weekend days are off-duty except the update, so that's allright. I could have done different on Thursday, but cripes, I am too angry to Not say something about those WEENIES (er, for the blissfully unaware, our state government has basically shut down until our governor and legislature can balance our damned state budget.) So, start over pecking at the WIP tomorrow :-)

Art - through half of the prep-week activities to begin the Artistic Mother 12-step program (oh, laugh at me. go ahead. I do it all the time.). This is not by virtue of me nobly plugging away in carefully planned increments, this is by virtue of having a heck of a lot of art supplies around at any given moment. I set aside time to firm up my Artistic vision statement (golly, I really am throwin' it all out there!) and create some concrete goals to achieve the end result of my aspirations. Those need polish and will not land out here in the Orchid House without a damned good reason.

Culture - would like to have some to report on, but I'm fresh out. When I houseclean, I'm re-watching Emma (Paltrow/Collette version) or Next Food Network star. I did plan meals for tomorrow and figured out how to put my Daily Tasks (in Cozi) both in my to-do's AND my calendar. Didn't get to coupon-clipping (only so I can recycle the paper - i'm not extreme about it - i don't have the time!!) so I'll try to do it in the early a.m. If the meals I planned were Exciting, Thrilling, or remotely interesting, I'd post it. No artful food for us tomorrow, Monday is baseball night!  On that note, Michal Cuddyer (sp? don't care, really!!!) made it to the All-Star Game WOOOOO-HOOOOOOO! he is AWESOME.

The storm has passed, and this 'puter will turn into a pumpkin or somesuch in about 2 minutes exactly, so I must flee!! I hope tomorrow finds y'all safe, sound, and sans trees atop your homes or cars. And may They not have floated away.

holy pumpkins, batman, time to scoot!


BUCKETS of ROW-ers below - Look at all that talent! Hop around as you please, the water is Fine :-)


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy week! Best of luck on your writing goals.

  2. Wow, you have an amazing list of goals! It's fantastic how much you've been able to get done in the first week - and of course life is going to get in the way occasionally. I know you'll get some great progress done on the WIP this week!

  3. Exercise, Writing, Art, Culture- those are great priority categories. :) Looks like they would be good for planning life balance. I recently put up a cork bulletin board and a dry-erase bulletin board which are still mostly empty. Mind if I borrow your categories? ;)

  4. Good morning! Planning is one thing, let's see how I manage 'reasonable execution of said goals' You are more than welcome to borrow them all you like, I likely won't notice :-) Decorate that cork board and send pics, fer heavens sake!!! (I hope you have a lovely week - it's always nice to hear from you :-)

  5. Hi Jennifer - thanks for the support! I have one goal to add which should help - to stop reading our local news - posting pissy blogs about our state leaders and their impasse is clearly Not ending the shutdown and is SUCKING my WIP time.

    Round 1 & 2 taught me All About life getting in the way, so I expect it All the time now :-) I may need to get "Diligence" tatooed to my forehead!! Thanks for coming by, have a lovely week!

  6. Thanks, Tiffany - the Mayhem in the title is the rule, rather than exception, around here :-)Good luck to you and your week as well, and thanks for taking a moment to come by - hard for us all to 'meet' each other, but I love finding new blogs on the hop! Rock your week, woman!