Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation day + ROW 80

Hello Gang!

Off for the remainder of the week to the baseball games, a potential camping trip, and more wallowing in misery
Basking in the Heat. Heat indexes projected from 105-120!! Apparently, Minnesota has turned into the Amazon. Global warming, much?

Our Heritage Writers Group talked World Building, and a few of us made plans to drive to a book signing for our own Stephanie Beck - she'll be signing at Lillian's in downtown Hastings from 6-9 on 7/28 for "David's Angel" and "Poppie's Passions".  I haven't done anything except continuing the great Art Space overhaul - clearing out a corner in the basement where, I'm here to tell you, the 'stack' method hasn't done any good whatsoever. I figured it would take about two weeks to get in order, I'm ahead right now, but if we are able to do a get-away, it won't get finished until Monday or Tuesday. And that's okay, because if I wrap that up, my art/writing time won't be used up with organizing art stuff. And, I'll have a quiet place to type!! All part of the plan.

Hope all goes well for you lot this week, stay cool. I'm off to get ready for a Twins Game. Have a lovely week and Week-end :-)


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  1. Glad you crossed out the wallowing bit. That never works for me either, but I'm often tempted. Hope you find your quiet place and get some words down this week.

  2. Enjoy the rest of your week and good luck with the tidy-up. Looks like you've got some fun stuff planned :D

  3. Have fun! I'll be going camping next weekend (hopefully you'll have my book by then!).

  4. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend! :)