Monday, July 11, 2011

Quick link - State Shutdown update and yes, by-the-way, 69% of Dems, and 72% of Reps. are still getting paid....

Read it here: here - 7 different offers from Governor Dayton, 7 refusals from the G.O.P. No counter-offers.

Just keeps getting better and better, don't it.

In other news, the Strib also posted a list of legislators Still accepting a paycheck, despite the 22,000 or so State employees who are unemployed due to this impasse. Including your favorite and mine, you guessed it, Matt Dean, (R), Dellwood.

Childish Asshats.

All of 'em.

Good try though, Governor Dayton - and thank you for, at least, not taking a paycheck until this part of your job gets done.

Right, carry on. Let's see if tomorrow holds a breakthrough.

Not that I'm holding my breath.



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