Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short story update and summer heat!

Good morning! Brief post here - but I know how busy you are and some days call for brevity. And I need practice at such things so win-win!!

I usually don't make it to the hair shop until my husband says something (poor guy) so yesterday I dutifully trotted in and had the color repaired. This is less vanity than public service - as short as I am, and at over 80% grey, EVERYONE can see the revolting mismatch. 41 is still too young for a head of dingy grey hair, so off I went. NO, I am not posting this to talk about how lovely I look. I am posting to tell you that I was clever enough to grab the laptop on the way out the door. So, the Short Unnamed Horror Story had another 200 words dumped in, and some awkward bits deleted. Still working on the yuckky trucker scene, but I've neglected this for too long and I am really looking forward to finishing SOMETHING - so yukky scene it is.

It's going to be hotter 'n a pistol today, so I am trying - desperately, to finish writing up my to-do lists and get the day rolling - 8 pm tonight will be too hot to put away laundry or tidy dishes or lug in the groceries, so the morning looks busy! I haven't been exercising at all - lots of discomfort on the right foot, but that is partially due to more attention to the house routines. Yay - tidy house and exercise all at once.

We played at the park yesterday morning, and it was nice enough that the kids got to play outside all day long. Time to figure out how to top that one for today, in between the to-do lists!

Right, off to it. If anyone has ideas on how to get my daughter to try watermelon or cantaloupe, please post it here. I'd like her to eat dinner tonight, and so far, that's all I've come up with for a main course.....;-)

enjoy your summer day, wherever you are!


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