Sunday, July 17, 2011

ROW 80 + A.M. + exercise Update

Good morning!

If you're thirsty, you may grab a cadillac-sized chunk of the air floating over MN and give it a good squeeze - the air is thick as molasses and heavy as lead. It's 10 am and already with a heat index of 94!! Tomorrow is even better - a heat index of 110!!! Since when are we Woodbridge VA (note to my little sister - take your damned weather back. we don't like it one little bit!!)

It's a good thing I was highly industrious (that's by my standards - the rest of you are probably eye-rolling right now!) last week because this one is gonna be brutal. Here's the re-cap:

Thursday was a busy and strange day and pretty much nothing went right. We got lost, and had our morning eaten up, the afternoon was momming and, well, stuff. So, a goal write-off (sad comparison to Wednesday). Friday had a rough start, but the afternoon had a major writing session: ~45 min, over 700 words, including lots of deleting! I also dug into the basement project - a necessity for me if I EVER want my drafting table to function surface again. This is part of "The Artistic Mother" 12 week workshop - clearly an art project will tank if there is no where to create it!!! I also found my camera (missing for weeks!) finally, also required for the A.M.  Saturday I bought some needed tools (surprise here as well, I thought I had too much of everything!) and we made it to the pool after dinner - exercise! No writing, but more work on the art stuff. At this rate (except for the way too late night!) my table will be set by the end of the week.

I am really hoping to hop around and say hello this week to the ROW-ers - if you have too much time on your hands, you may find a whole mess of inspiration at the below links. And, very likely, a new Favorite writer :-)

Have a wonderful week!



  1. We'd been having temps of 98/99 with heat indexes over 100 for about a week and a half; finally Thursday and Friday hit with highs of upper 70s/low 80s. Pure heaven. My brain is no longer boiling! :) I hope the week ahead lets you guys breathe some! :)

  2. hiya Cricket! Looks like we got your weather - it's only going to get worse until next weekend. That will be me melting (during Wednesday's Twins game) in the stands, near the dugout. Think a straw hat w/icepack inside will do the trick? :-)

    i am glad your brain isn't boiling anymore, and hope that this week you write and/or edit your little heart out :-) Have a good one!

  3. It's humid and awful hear today too - but I think I heard rain just now! Sounds like you've got your hands full, good luck with all your projects!

  4. Hiya Deniz - hope your weather behaves itself better than ours :-) Hands are always full, but I'm - slowly - working the art/writing in there ;-)The good luck never hurts, so thanks for popping by!

    I've about 6 minutes on hand, so I'm headed to your house to see how your week went :-)

  5. Only just posting mine in a few minutes :-)

  6. "if you have too much time on your hands..."

    This 'too much time' thing you speak of...I am afraid I am unfamiliar with such a thing!

    I love your description of the weather to open the post with, though. That's a keeper! And keep it up with the various projects and organizing; sometimes, you have to tackle something else before you can really hit the ground running on something else.

  7. Hello! too much time, well, my son swears it happens, but, much Like Santa, I've never witnessed it in action!!!

    Kind of you to state your liking of the weather report - i'm racking my brain to see if I unconcsiously lifted it from someone else!! The organizing is actually very rewarding, but if I stay up late on it one more night, the entire writing week will be shot :-( hope your ROW-ing stays on target this week!

  8. think I'll pass on the drinking we're drowning here third day of rain - enough already I tell the weather - plants and I have had our party /dancing now sunshine please - I woke up last night shivering - for goodness sake its July!! anyway I'm never going to complain you are all having such Hot stuff over there how do you manage anything creative - I would be melted and turned into an ice cube by now - well done for everything accomplished -great all of you

  9. Alberta - that sounds soggy!!! Didja build your ark yet?!! Shivering? Yikes, this world is upside down! How are we managing?

    Well, I'm tucking my rosewater in the fridge, cranking up the AC, shutting every blind or drape, and getting enough sleep so when tempers go up, mine isn't one of them!! (eR, also, blowing the budget on eating out more so we cook less! Not $ saving or energy-sound, but being in MN, we only have a few weeks of roasting before we are done ;-)

    Wierdly, Clearing and organizing art supplies gives me a ton of energy for the rest of the week - but the inverse logic of this still confuses! I hope you find your writing/edit energy on full power!!! stay dry!!