Monday, July 25, 2011

ROW 80 plus Unpacked at the Orchid House

Writing Tip For the Day: If you intend to do any writing on a camping trip, do not hit the ER without your favorite notebook. Your wasted vacation time will be even More wasted. Related: Ensure you collect your brand-new anti-labyrinthism medication.It will help with the following tip -

Kayaking/Scrapbooking Tip For the Day: Always kayak Lake Superior during the late-afternoon on golden, smooth-lake days. Take your camera, not the kayak, for the 10 ft. breaking-swell days. Maximum drama in the scrapbook to assemble the pages facing each other. (The shutterfly online coupons you always delete may come in handy at this point.)

Unpacking Tip For the Day: If you screwed up and left the chocolate covered espresso beans At Home, instead of substituting them for cafe Mocha during your trip, eat them quickly to get through the dishes and laundry. Save the last two handfuls for day two of the Great Unpack.

ROW 80 - Substitute 3 days of research (including Northern MN Emergency Rooms) for missed 30 minute daily writing sessions.

Have a great week! See you Wednesday!



  1. Thanks for the tips! We go camping again this weekend :)

  2. Oh my! I hope you are better soon! We'll still be here when you feel better. I never go anywhere without something to write on, but I've not had the pleasure of MN emergency rooms. Lake Superior yes, emergency rooms, no.

    I hope your week is much, much better!

    Nancy (also lapidaryprose)

  3. fortunatly I left my camping days behind decades ago - but your tips brought a smile and that is always welcome thank you - all the best for this week

  4. *Giggle* Love the way you relate your misadventures. Mmm, I could use some espresso beans right now. And hey, paper's no problem - as long as I remember my pen I can write on any portable surface, including the back of my hand!

  5. good morning all! @Claudia - crossing my fingers for you! Try to stay cool!!!

    @Nancy - thanks for popping by! I am very much better now. Lake Superior is always worth the trip, and, ultimately, so was the ER (but I still wouldn't make it a 'must-see'). Week's improving slowly - hope you are getting more productivity than I am!!

    @Alberta - thanks so much, I'm glad to hear that my revolving chaos amuses others - I'm too easily amused myself! hope your week has treated you well!!

    @Deniz - You are a welcome look at the bright side!! Although, you do need a teeny, tiny nib to work around the IV tubes :-) Misadventures - wouldn't be my life without 'em. Really wish i'd had them 'beans, though ;-) Hope your week is terrific!

    Again, thanks for the visit, I'll catch you all later tonight!