Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goal-post (suffering succotash it's punny in here!!!)

Very briefly, my friends, here is THE list of goals I am accountable for:

#1 - Blogging - 2 days/week minimum - posts to come on Wednesday & Sunday, our ROW 80 check-in days. Posts will include artistic output and effort. And a WIP-ing post, too, of course (ok, even I can't take it anymore - sorry!) And any (even MORE) inane humor that I find along the way. If I am so lucky as to get reading time or an occasional date night, any cultural notes will be included also. My 'artistic mother' workshop efforts will be detailed as well. And, because I still suffer from poor impulse control, kvetching or swooning about various local pro-sports teams may spill out as well. (Did I just lose all 15 followers in one paragraph?! MEGA-Yawn - sorry gang, sometimes the cut-and-dry stuff is really Stinkin dry....)

#2 - WIP work - daily, 5/week. Yes, I know darned well how poorly that went Last time. This time, I have an honest-to-goodness plan on Paper. In Pen. (which means it can be used as ammo when needed against the kids by merely crumpling it up in my hot little hands. Can't do THAT with an iPad.) And I would have started that plan today, day 1 - except I overslept. Because I stayed up too late last night, and didn't have my nightly glass of wine (which, by the way, drops through my sobriety like a lead hammer.) In recognition of this dereliction, I'm starting Early on that wine tonight! Hell, I'm starting right now, back in 5.

Right. (3 sips later...) Glorious pastel sunset in progress against smooth grey clouds, fireworks in our driveway, all is good.

Goals. In answer to those of you who might be inclined to tsk-tsk at me (and Not undeservedly so, mom! ;-) I will say that despite my inability to work the schedule today, I did:
- spend an unholy amount of time cleaning our 3 bathrooms
- make a critical phone call for a neighbor
- enforce violin practice
- keep the kitchen tidy through all three meals and assorted snacks
- unload three large bags from yesterday's hike and swimming effort
- write an Artistic Vision Statement (draft one, but it's a start!)
- water Beaucoup plants
- moderate playtimes
- talk to my mommy 2x
- momming duties from 8 am onward
- hustle the kids to Karate.

Not bad for blowing the schedule to smithereens And starting the day with the egg, as usual, Smack Dab in the Middle of my Face.

A better tomorrow to you all - on schedule, or not :-)

Happy Friday!

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