Friday, July 8, 2011

More politics....sorry gang - I'll make this quick!! Curse you Matt Dean!

Ok, sorry, read the damned paper and now here I am - Blogging on a day off.

Rep. Matt Dean (you know, the brilliant politician who started a Twit-storm with Neil Gaiman - my author-crush - over taxpayer money Gaiman worked as contracted for....and then donated to charity) sent an open letter to the Star Tribune.

Apparently, he is telling our Governor Dayton to be a Grown-up and make a few concessions. Dean has apparently signed some silly-ass pledge -  prior to budget discussions - that no siree, he will certainly Not raise taxes. So, he isn't going to concede any of That revenue to his opposition - the Governor. (I'm not defending the governor. I'm choosing to pick on Dean for sounding like a weenie Again, worse yet, a hypocritical weenie to boot!)

There are more than a few words I have for both parties here - and I do happen to be a democrat, for all the good it's doing me right now. For the sake of not boring the Crap out of any readers out there, I'll limit myself.

If, in a negotiation, you and the other party are in a stalemate, with both parties 'sticking to their principals', both parties should consider that if the principals Lead you to a Stalemate - the principals Should be reconsidered. Because, you know, if your principals were unwaveringly - or even mostly - right - both sides should see it, and prevent a costly, painful, damaging impasse. Someplace around 23,000 government employees have been thrown Under the Bus by Both Sides here. These politicians may well find themselves under the same bus come election time. Incumbents, beware.

(Side note - I mentioned at a July 4th celebration that, at this point, Bozo the Clown as a write-in may do better in the elections than Any incumbent. To which one of my quick-witted sister-in-laws responded "Unless the problem is that he may already be in there...")

PS. all snark aside - I regard any efforts that result in prolonging of this stalemate as a serious abuse of power. I really don't have much positive regard left for any of them.

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