Friday, July 15, 2011

Wherein the game is finally afoot - well, actually, a liver. The foot is actually a let-down....

wth? you say?

Okay, to dispense with the cutesy. Today not one normally scheduled event happened as scheduled. I'll pin some of it on my son being a painfully early (try 4:10 a.m.!) riser, and not able to get back to sleep. There's enough blame for the gully-washer rain showers (All Day Long) to take for us cancelling violin class - my CRV does many things, but converting to a speedboat is not one of them. Everything else falling to the wayside, I thought I'd make it complete by ordering in pizza instead of a home-made 'healthy' meal.

Rain aside, it's nice to report that today was Not a washout in the writing dept. I spent about 45 minutes writing And de-crapifiying the story, via 'delete', and still managed to add a total of 700+ words.

The other total washout is my Left foot (not the movie, mind you.) Seriously. I tried skipping rope a few nights ago and simply cannot push off with my left, or, come to that, my right. Using two feet, I can barely jump a centimeter. Pain or no pain, it's clearly time to get out that ballet video and see if a few tendu's may help!

So, the writing week ended, the art-weekend begins. I'm off to vacuum the basement and begin the serious organization of the art-desk. "Cluttered" would be a kind way of putting it, if one was describing the heinous mess. It won't be completed tonight, but it will be an Awful lot better for tomorrow.

Oh, speaking of Heinous - the liver comment. Well, let's just say that in the story, a body part has literally surfaced, and consequently, the pace is picking up. I'm starting to like this story again!!

Off to it - dust bunnies, here I come!

(happy weekend, everyone. If you Also are in heat-advisory range, may I gently remind you to drink your water!!!)


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