Saturday, July 30, 2011

Startin' off August with a Paranormal BANG!

You came back! Thank you! But why, praytell, didja bring the wretched dewpoint with you? Never mind all the global-warming boo-hooing over here, I Have News!

You hardy souls, longtime readers since, er, November, and all my recent lovely guests-who-drop-by have no doubt picked up that writing is quite important at the Orchid House. So important, that I've even gone out of my way to achieve one dream and befriend a few writers. One new friend is a talented writer in various genre, quite capably selling stories that are, er, straight-up Romance, naughty paranormal, erotica with a twist, and, lately, she's turning her skills to horror. Even more impressively, she's a dedicated mom of three. And volunteers for her church. If she wasn't so damned nice, my inferiority complex would have done me in by now.

How nice is she? Well, for one, she publishes FREE short stories - paranormal with a side of naughty - at her website AND Facebook page. Yes indeed, these are the Freak Sorority stories, bandied about during "Freak Week", at  And her name is, in fact, Stephanie Beck. And, to celebrate her Third Annual Freak Week, she is doing bloggy scavenger hunts, posting her stories, having contests and fun, and posting excerpts from her Freak Sorority offshoot novels as well. All the joy starts Monday, August 1, and ends August 6. And if you do enjoy reading about werewolves, succubi, angels, or demon hunters, this might be the place for you.

Happy reading!!

(ps, get a load of the cool banner I got to post! Having a  Blog is Fun!)

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  1. Thanks Shari!!! Lovely intro and information--you my friend, have a way with words.
    Stephanie Beck