Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm a bit low on my daily irony, but the Democrats have stepped up to the plate!

Alrighty. The state of MN managed to get it's act together by cobbling together a plan for the budget that both sides hate. This is the textbook definition of 'compromise' (at least, in my snark-ass textbooks.)

As a quasi-diligent member of the Democratic party, I went online, bitched them out, offered them a pair of big-boy pants to help solve the impasse (only after they started spending big $ on pre-emptive name-calling), and fool that I am, left them with my email address.

Now, they are shilling me. They can't get the budget balanced - they are the LAST people who should be hitting me up for cash. Oh, hell, look for yourself.

Shari --

Did you get a chance to see this?

As the finance director for the DFL, it's my job to make sure we are on target to meet our fundraising goal by Wednesday’s deadline. We are counting on Minnesota DFLers like you to provide the resources we need to throw these extreme Republicans out of office.

Ken was just asking whether we were going to make our goal – can I tell him you're helping us reach our goal of 500 online donors?

Click here to contribute $5 or more today and help us reach our goal of 500 online donors by Wednesday, July 27.

Like Ken said, the shutdown was just the beginning. From insisting on putting millionaires and corporations before our children and hardworking families, to holding our country hostage with the debt ceiling – we've seen that Republicans in Minnesota and nationally are going to the extreme.

We only need six seats in the House and four seats in the Senate to take back our State Legislature, and we need to start right now if we are going to do it.

There are just hours to the deadline. Become one of our 500 online donors and help us beat these extreme Republicans at the ballot box.

Thanks for your support.

Berrett Gall
Finance Director

My response:

Hello Mr. Gall -

(By the Way, do you realize the irony inherent in your last name?)

I am not sure you are all getting the point.  The Republican party and the Democratic party both seem to have the same bad idea - not spending within our means. You seem to have two different bad ideas about how to spend outside of our means. MN taxpayers pay some of the highest taxes in the country, and after blowing money on anti-republican adds - which, I should point out, does Not Smack of Bipartisan Effort - the Democratic party is asking me for money?

In a recession?

Please tell me you aren't in charge of Public Relations too.



I shouldn't do this much head-slapping while drinking. Spillin' the wine Any Second Now.



  1. Love it. I won't get into a political discussion, but I love your commentary and your ability to stay real :) Coming from the D.C. area, its a rare find these days!

  2. Hells bells, Claudia, Even I Don't want to Start a political discussion, but I've bloody had it!

    Our congress - and I still thanks it takes both sides to pull things down as completely as this - couldn't bring a balanced budget to the table. For either side to ask me for cash, which either side will clearly overspend, is mighty, mighty presumptive. Whining posts take time away from proper writing, too. Grrrrrr.