Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick and Useful link - "The Artistic Mother" by Shona Cole

This is a mild plug - kind of the 'I find this useful and you might too' kind of plug. Shona's book is a practical guide for getting even newbie artistic mothers to use their time better to sneak in the art. Which makes any mommy a better mommy, if she doesn't already do this. I find it no coincidence that my writing pace has picked up while starting her plan (and I'm getting more done in less time!) So, on the off chance that any of my readers may find this useful, check out her blog here.

I should mention that I agree with the reviews her book has on Amazon, I am finding them Right On Target.

I should also mention that Shona Cole probably has no idea I'm plugging her book. Although she'll probably figure out I'm following her blog ;-) Anyway, she's saying something important that lots of mommies need to hear - you'll still be a good mommy if you follow your art. And if you work the kids into it, you might just inspire them as well :-)

Ps, are all y'all drinking your water?



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