Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP? what WIP? (and am I the only one who caught that low, red, sickle moon?)

Ok, welcome to August at the Orchid House.

I haven't done a ruddy thing with that short story.

I still love it, and it's actually on the to-do list (right after rounding up the local wolves to raise my children, and before turning on the stove for dinner) but it's been by the wayside whilst I dealt with a crazy weekend, some pre-school-startup angst, and the commensurate running-around-like-a-chicken-with-it's-head-on-fire routine. (It involves staving off sobbing in Target, among other things related to sending a kid off to First Grade.)

The Artistic Mother program is officially running limping along, and the exercise goals are, hmmm, well. Nicely planted on the shelf where I left them. Gathering dust, poor abandoned things. Er, not too unlike my TWO token orchids here. Bah. Okay, here's the thing. After my podiatrist did my final foot-check, we both noticed that the right foot's middle piggy is kowtowing toward the left, and will not improve it's posture for love nor money. Actually, I'm afraid money is the only thing that will get it done. The bone is too long on the right, too short on the left, so he's going to have to break the poor thing, remove a cone-shaped section of bone, and fuse it in proper place. I'm only mentioning this because it will become a point of much whining later - whether I fix it or not. It will certainly become an excuse for me to avoid exercise at all costs, if it involves any pressure on that cochone whatsoever. And it will Certainly involve whining if the bills are anything like the ones involved in having one's arch built. ahem.

So, nothing new on the horror story. I have several billion things to do (I believe screaming like a banshee has been moved to number 38) and have taken on endless things that weren't planned for (minding 10+ kids every other day....helping neighbors with language barriers getting their kids into activities....getting my daughter screened for kindergarten in a few years....) these are all important things, and it's my place to get it done, but, um. Well.

It's hell on my writing career.

(Hah. post done, not even 11 pm.)

There's hope for me yet - tomorrow IS another day.

Shout out to Stephanie Beck - wrapping up her first (of many!) book signings. And, to Rocco Capozzi Schofield, 9.5 something pounds, born to the Beyond Awesome Kevin and Allegra Schofield - Congrats to the whole fam damily - Gramma Winnie, Kevin, Allegra, Sam, Nolan, Vivianna, and ROCCO!! (welcome to the world, buddy, you'll just Love it!)

G'night, ROW 80-ers - every last one of you is doing better than I am!!



  1. Oh, Shari, life does happen, doesn't it? And let me tell you, missy, you are NOT doing worse than every single last one of us, my dear. There were over 100 participants who signed up--and many have not posted since. So you are far, far better than those who have already given up!!

    When this sort of week happens to me--and I am sending my youngest off to COLLEGE, so imagine the tears--I look at it as research, lol. Think of all the emotions you'll be able to describe.

    Seriously, I am sure that the WIP is just slowly rising under its damp cloth, slowly growing and waiting for you to come back and find a lovely loaf of bread ready for the oven.

    Hang in there, feel free to shout out for someone to talk to, and have a better week!

  2. ouch, Nancy, a college bound baby :-(. I feel for you!!! (first grade whining is very silly in the light of day!! )

    The title of this blog includes both orchids and mayhem, duty bound, I am, to occasionally report on both:-) Many of us are in similar cycles, so it Always helps me to hear others saying "What the Hell?!"

    I appreciate so much hearing about other efforts. I honestly think it's what keeps us all going!!! Thanks for stopping by, it may help me pick up the extra oomph to get back on track :-) Have a great finish!

  3. hee hee - Nancy, i meant 'finish to your week!!!" sorry - short on coffee still ;-) the other thing to keep me going. :-)

  4. Yeah, what they said . .

    Anyway, I came here for the flapping. It's hot, and flapping cools me. And once again, you did not disappoint. Thank you! ;)

    BTW, your short story is doing some much-needed "fermenting." You're gonna love it when it's ripe! (I know, I've had this exact same thing happen to me.)

  5. So glad you made it for the Flapping - the flailing isn't as efficient ;-) I'm letting my wip ferment, and in the meantime will be rescuing a cuppa joe from the microwave, calling a buddy to play with my boy, and tackling 30 min of art alternating with 30 of daily 'stuff'. I will then be in the clear to peck away tonight at the marinating WIP.

    I'm really, really happy you have a more straight-forward way of tackling YOUR's!!! flapping is funner from the sidelines ;-) Thanks for coming by again, Ms. Stewart!

  6. Shari, thanks for your very candid post!! I love your writing style and understand where you are coming from (I'm sure my four kids are hanging from the ceiling fans right now). I hope this week goes better for you. :)

  7. Good Morning Karen!! I usually try not to unload quite that much real-life online - goodness, isn't the point to Avoid Real Life??! But I'm sure our shared struggles do help others out with the 'thank goodness, it's NOT just me!' At least those of us balancing the kids/family thing. FOUR kids?! I end up with a houseful 3x/week, and i only have 2 kids!! I am SO heading to your blog to see how you do it!!

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for the kind words, I'm always happy to entertain, glad to hear you enjoyed the post!