Monday, May 30, 2011

My dead trucker is missing. For real, this time.

Ugh, d@mmit, confound this accursed piece of silicon Trash excuse for a computer.

When your dubious heroine (that would be moi, Damsel Fair-ly P!ssed OFF!) last posted a missive on writing progress, there was a bit of celebration in the air. I created the pig-of-a-trucker (needed to be missing body numero uno), wrote his trashy pathetic backstory, got him to the strip club, had him thrown out on his somewhat sorry @ss. I had him stomp back, dejectedly and boozily toward his truck, and then get brained with a crow bar - said crow bar being the last thing to pass through his mind, as it were.

Yours truly, distressed and disgusted here, at the orchid house, cannot find the file. It is NOWHERE.

Call me a cautionary tale for talking smack about my muse.

Mea Culpa.

Now I gotta kill the dumb b@st@rd All. Over. Again.



  1. Ok, I am just now reading this, but I just had to horrible! Have you found the file? And to think I was complaining when blogger ate some of my list and all the work I put it to put links in and everything...that's nothing compared to what happened to you!

  2. oh Claudia, I wish. No, file not found. Jon suggested the searching the back-up files but it actually felt like more work than rewriting the damned scene. I'm only furious at my stupidity because writer's group was the only 'free' time I'd carved for myself, and if I hadn't been so giddy at nailing a plot point, I'd have gone back sooner (probably been able to recover at that point) to continue it. But, no. Lesson learned. And, I disagree, links/lists missing and blogger barfing has to be just as frustrating :-) The scene may end up being leaner, but given that the critique at group was 'good, but too many words' (should be my damn tagline!) that won't be all bad.

    Miss you - when do I get to read the WIP again? ;-) Thanks for coming by - you brighten the place up ;-)