Friday, May 6, 2011

something New! Useful! Writing Related!! Whee!

Hello friends! quick post, as I've wasted beau coup minutes kvetching over recent events, I'll not detain you much. Not even with the sad tale of the dishwasher...

In pursuing my writing education on-line, I tripped over a terribly fun blog - Query Shark. Being one poet trying to complete enough poetry for a complete collection, never mind the slightly neglected horror novella, I've not even GOTTEN to understanding queries. I'm not even sure I can PRONOUNCE queries! Query Shark is a succinct "do-this-not-that" - except way more entertaining - school of query writing. I don't know how she settles on the queries she posts, but I've just spent 45 minutes reading about future mistakes I can avoid. If I take the time to work at a query and avoid some terribly common first-timer mistakes.

Many of you popping by know so much more about agents and queries than I do. But if you are more of a beginner considering self-publishing, as I am, I think you might enjoy what you'll find there. It's right over there, alphabetically, on the left :-)

Right. Time to take another acetaminophen - the fever is back. Plus, I have more grousing to do..... pretty day for it, though.

Have fun!



  1. Thanks Belinda :-) I'm feeling much improved, and I expect the stamina to show up Any Day Now. I appreciate the kind thoughts, it's been needed encouragement this week! Hope your weekend was good, and your upcoming week is even better :-)