Sunday, May 15, 2011

ROW 80 check in

Good evening!

This weekend was about momentum - the car-trip kind, moreso than the Writing kind.  The kids and I picked up Jon in St. Paul on Friday, and headed up for four and a half hours to get to my dad's place.  All went pretty well, but there was no way I could get writing done while packing Thursday Or Friday, nor much in the car. So, Wednesday got about 10 more min. by Wed. night (pathetic), and Friday had about 20 minutes of thinking on paper - about the blog as well as the story. Since it generated more writing projects, including a book review section on the blog, I'm pretty pleased with those 20 minutes :-)  Saturday is not a writing day, nor is Sunday, but given a notebook, and some scenery that applies to the WIP, I spent a good 30 minutes noting scenery, environment, animal life, abandoned farm equipment, and other details that are germane to setting - the story takes place in an imaginary town, set near the ones I grew up in.

Not that everything is going to make it in the story, but it feel more real to me, and if something feels too blank, it will help to remember what the tamarack bogs look like in spring And fall, what the 'wineberries' tasted like, and how the Moose Horn river is crenelated on a map. Fer instance.

Family trips with the kids are both a bit challenging And hilarious - (at 1:30 am...) "Dad. DAD." "What's up, buddy?" "Um, I think... I'm under the bed!".

Tonight we blew off steam (a Lot gets generated in a 4+ hour car-ride!) fishing for sunnies at a lake near our house. Not a bad night, though cool, and I managed to fill half a trash can with semi-buried garbage, flotsam, and random trash from the park. The chalky, ghostly and fullish moon made it well, and hugely, over the tree line well before sunset, and the luggage is almost unpacked. Considering it ain't a writing day, and we weren't sure how the weekend would go, the week's goals were actually pretty well met - and, i'm kind of itching to start dumping in all those meaty details (that I will probably just have to de-crapify later!!!)

I think I'll take some good advice and make a point of turning in early. It would be awesome to set myself up for a really good Monday, since tomorrow will be busy with cooking, a bit of laundry, getting through mail and paperwork,a baseball game, and heaven's knows what else. Oh, yeah, and some writing ;-)

Give the other ROW 80 challengers a peek - you absolutely never know What you'll find :-)
Then do something kind for yourself. It's a good day for it.

g'night, all.



  1. well sound pretty good to me - the thinking bit=essential, the noting environment bit = essential, a break from writing = essential, the early night sounds so good.
    all the best for this week - keep smiling

  2. 'mornin Alberta! right back atcha - I'm on my quick but needed hop now - I really need to see how others are going on a Monday, it usually gets me a little more competitive, rather than complacent. I can do a LOT of complacent ;-) Thanks so much for coming by - can't wait to see what you are up to too!!!

  3. Ah, world-building! I love it. I think I have probably written more notes in the form of background stuff for my tale than are in the actual manuscript itself, but I write better when I have a sense of the world that I'm in. Excellent to hear that you've also reaching your weekly goals!