Sunday, May 8, 2011

...and I expect the Stamina to Show Up Any Day Now + ROW 80

Brief post, as Mother's Day is one day off I take pretty seriously :-)

Antibiotics have finally kicked in for real, and I spend more time during the day coughing, than I do during the night, so I call that improvement. And, my eye no longer closely resembles a ripe grape tomato, so that's all good too.

Haven't written a dang thing. I was able to get my daughter to a birthday party without napping During the party. I also found out a bit about queries, happily posted below. A very good school of How not to make an Ass out of yourself or present as Completely Unprofessional. Very handy stuff, for someone who can make an ass of herself With OR Without a keyboard. (If this is ever an Olympic event, y'all can go on home now and consider that Market Cornered!)

In any case - all writing goals went straight to Hel this week. I simply didn't care. In fact, I basically told my muse that if she wants the dratted story written, she could do it her d@amn self. Pretty sure I'm gonna regret that when I have enough energy to do so. If I can quit coughing long enough, hopefully that day will be tomorrow. Believe I'll be starting with 'missing scene' #1 - the sadistic pig of a trucker goes MIA. I'll enjoy writing That one ;-)

I probably didn't help my case by hosting an impromptu(firepit)bonfire at the end of our driveway last night. But the 10 neighborhood kids that showed up had a good time. Campfire smoke likely didn't help the bronchitis, but if fire, smores, and chocolate chip cookies aren't what Saturday night is for, I don't know what is.

So, commensurate with the expected uptick in energy, tomorrow is for planting my flower boxes on the deck, expected thunderstorms, and writing my sick @ss off :-)

Have a great week everyone - and if you are ROW 80-ers, I hope you don't have to make up as much as I do!

Enjoy the upcoming stormy week, it promises to be a doozy up here! (good time to get your goth on, if you ask me ;-)


Cheer 'em on below, folks, they are writin' their fingers off!!!


  1. Gah! Your illness sounds rough. Hope the antibiotics have continued kicking butt and making you feel better so you can get to those writing goals!

  2. Hey Belinda - nice to see you again! Drugs are doing the job intended, and yesterday was...such a nice step in the right direction. I'll be coughing for the next two weeks or so, but def. on the mend. Writing goal hit yesterday, and the time is on the books for today, so I can tell I'm getting better. Thanks for your support - i'm really learning to NOT take health for granted!! I wish you a marvelous healthy week yourself :-)