Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finding balance and writing - ROW 80 too :-)

Today, like many of you who actually do things to take care of your health, I broke out an exercise video - my "Ballet Conditioning" Elements video, by Elise Gulan. As part of my recovery process from the foot surgeries, I'd like to be able to walk upright while barefoot, at a slightly normal pace. You know, like most higher primates can. (THAT to the dr. who said the fused bones aren't needed for 'normal Human' movement. Yes, yes indeed, they certainly ARE.) So, seeing how ballerinas are nothing if not outright bendy, and with my long buried love of ballet resurrected by Black Swan, this was my Christmas present to myself. All I've been waiting on is reasonably stable feet :-)

So I did the first 5 segments, slightly modified for the fused joints, of course. And despite the small motions, and deliberate non-hyper pace, I was sweating, arms quivering, and leg muscles...entirely bewildered. So I treated them to swimming at Lifetime. If I can walk at all tomorrow, I'll fire up the disk and give it a day two effort. And if I can still move after that, it's an every-other day workout for me. And what, you may ask, does this have to do with Art, let alone writing?

Teaching myself a lesson, mainly. That if I can make myself do something that is guaranteed to be physically uncomfortable, but really pay off in the long run, then there is every reason to do a 30 minute mental workout daily as well. That will pay off, in more concrete ways, probably a lot sooner. I did VERY little writing this week on the WIP - 20 minutes all told. And I'm pretty ashamed of myself for that - mainly because it's the proof that I have not been sticking to any consistent routines whatsoever, and that's my Achilles heel - another part of the foot I want strength in!! On the other hand, I played with my kids at the park, got done a lot of errands I'd been putting off, and took more steps in our home to get things running a little more smoothly.

All good stuff that a 30 minute daily workout might provide even more energy for. Ahem. Now, who wants to place bets that I use writing as an excuse to not exercise?

Take care of yourselves. Drink water more, move a little more, laugh a little more, try to do both at once. Your heart and mind will thank you.

And, in repayment for you (presumably) listening to the genesis of Another goal, I will include commentary on how That is panning out. If any of you are embarking on something like this, feel free to share that in comments!! Misery luuuuuuuuuuves company ;-)




  1. ah feet what wonderful things they are if working what a pain in the old proverbial when not! - best of luck with the ballet - I to try and get my feet to work with grace!!!!just to work actualy would be nice - given up on Sadlers Wells.

    I know I use writing as the reason(not excuse never an excuse!) for why I dont exercise enough - or housework enough -or . . . well you get picture!

    All the best you will beat the feet and you will write and well done on the important stuff - being mum and a homemaker

  2. Good morning Alberta! So far, I can feel where the balls of my feet are a little tender - where the metal pins are, mainly, but I'm not as sore as I worried. Lots of errands this morning, so I'll have to hop around the blogroll later to see how everyone is doing. Kait was right with her last post - even when production is down, you still need the community here. I appreciate you coming by!!!

  3. Good for you! :) Best of luck for your continued recovery.

    Now I feel like a whiner for complaining about wearing high heels last Saturday. But those heels really were trying to kill me. ;)

  4. heh. those heels are ALWAYS trying to kill SOMEBODY. Why do ya think they stopped making a line of titanium-heeled stiletto's ;-) (imagine stepping on a partner's toes in them things!! Emergency room, anyone?) Thanks for the luck - it's good to feel like I'm working toward recovering balance of many kinds, all at the same time!! have a fantastic week!

  5. Shari, as you know, I'm the queen of to me, you seem to be doing pretty good with both the mental and physical excercises (did I spell that right??) :)

  6. ....we'll see how it works :-)

    Today, the children's demands really took first place during the workout (persistent little buggers) we'll be switching the exercise time, I think. still trying to carve out a bit of time for the story tonight....I think I can I think I can! 30 stinkin' minutes.....;-) ANYONE can write for 30 minutes!!!

  7. That's awesome! Well, not about the difficulty with the feet, but your perseverance. Truly awesome. And I need to see Black Swan.

    That said- I can't wait to hear more about how your endeavors go. Laughter, activity - both are amazing. The writing, as important as it is, can sometimes wait until after those other two have been accomplished. :)

  8. Hiya Kimberly - thanks for coming by! You do need to see Black Swan - it may not be 'deep'. It may not have clarified if it wants to be campy or not. But it is ridiculously beautiful and affecting. And a good reminder that Art is much more fulfilling when tempered by real life. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie, by the way ;-) Take care, and pop over any time!