Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a cure for what ails ye...

I've been reviewing my list of what cures have and have not been working. Disease in question: gunky-make-your-ears, throat, head, and body hurt.

#1 - "starve a cold": pros - throat gets a break from having to eat... that's about it. cons - no blood sugar, no energy, crabby mom.

#2 - subsist on 3 cups hazelnut coffee instead: pros - soothes throat, provides some blood sugar, as well as the illusion of energy. cons - waking up with my daughter at 4:00 am with her coughing and not falling back asleep until 6:00.

#3 - Easter candy on as needed basis: pros - provides momentary happy (starburst jelly beans).  cons - can't taste anything save the sour ones.

#4 - Sit on bottom and rest as much as humanly possible with two kids, two cats, and regularly scheduled laundry/dishes/dinner prep: cons - this is not humanly possible. Not in this house. No rest for the wicked or otherwise. sigh. Also, this resulted in way too much 'my little pony' yesterday, which I dreamed of. In technicolor. Just before my daughter woke, in fact. grrrr.

So, back to the humor - the usual cure for feeling crappy. Of course, I'm going to re-watch the All-Hockey Hair Team YouTube video, purely for my dose of the peroxide Jesus, as well as this YouTube Gem - the Helsinki Complaints Choir. Whining has never, never sounded so gosh-darned lovely!! (yup, it's subtitled :-)

I'll have a sleepy day, most likely - you have a good one :-)



  1. Oh, poor chickie! Don't forget to add in tea with honey for the sour throat and a lovely combo of vitamins with orange juice (never milk as milk sucks up iron or something).

    Feel better Mama!!

  2. clearly i'm doing Something wrong. Who chokes on lemon chicken soup, fer heaven's sake?! (um, other than me...:-) what a case....but thanks for the suggestion - decaf earl grey w/ honey may help the voice come back, a bit.