Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dear Mr. Insomnia -

Twice in as many nights?

This doesn't look good.

People (for starters, my husband) Will Talk.

Might I ask a favor (and i mean this, kindly)? Could you please have a word with your half-brother - you know, your Not Evil twin - Morpheus, and let him know I'm sorry.  And ready to make amends.

In the mean time (I have kids! there's nothing meaner than this!) could you go back to your regular visits with my neighbor? It's been interesting, but, um, well, among other things, the beauty sleep would come in handy. Not to mention this headcold - goodness, who knows What you'll pick up here! Look at the, yeah, um, you know, could you just....

push off?


ps. Don't bother the rest of the folks at ROW 80 below. Unless you bring their muse with you.
And That's Another thing. Drop her a note too!:

Dear Muse - one flow chart? That's All You Got For Me?



  1. Morpheus hasn't made an appearence lately around my house either. So if you get him to stop by will you send him my way?

    Hope the headcold gets better!

    Take care.

  2. ;-) Thanks, Shellie - I appreciate the kind wishes! I'll send him round the second he shows his face around here (with my luck, it will be 2:30 pm...):-)

    Have a great week!

  3. Oh man, I know how you feel! I've suffered from middle-of-the-night insomnia for twenty years. Hope you get to sleeping & feeling better! ;-)

  4. Hi Sharon - Thanks for coming by - I really don't think I could wish this on anyone! 20 years!? That's awful!! I hate especially that indecision - it's 6:00 - do I get up or just keep....hoping?

    I'm marginally better each day - a bit more voice has come back already. I'm So looking forward to being done with this! I hope your week is a good one, despite your insomnia. And thanks much for coming by :-)

  5. Hahaha, maybe your muse and Mr. Sandman went on vacation together. :)

  6. so THAT's why she's sleeping on the job!! ;-)

    'sokay. I am too useless to type right now anyway...(be JUST like her to show up about now, wouldn't it....) ;-)

  7. Morpheus and Insomnia play tag-team wrestling at my place. At least their costumes are amusing. ;)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. LOL :-) thanks for the giggle. You may have to sketch out those costumes someday :-)

    Well,in happier news, Insomnia has finally Left the Building (er, with most of my voice. :-)

    However, he passed the vacancy on to Mr. Conjunctivitis, and I am now sharing the morning with him and my hand sanitizer.

    Think I should stop cracking wise on the anthropomorphic personifications?

  9. lol Or you could put these personas to work in a story . . :)

    And I like the costume-sketching idea. :)

  10. heh - i'd do it if some other's hadn't Already done it a few times - on level it will take Quite a while for me to achieve. ;-)

    i'll look forward to seeing these personas, costumes lovingly sketched, on your blog. Next week, right?

  11. I think Mr. Sandman is over at my house. It's not enough I fall asleep on the couch, but do I have to oversleep too??

  12. Oh Claudia. Thanks for finding him. He's been a bit of a hit and run artist lately - send a shout-out to Shellie Sakai, she's been looking for him too :-)And no, he's not good about leaving you near an alarm clock either, the scamp ;-)

    Dr. confirmed I've not only taken in Mr. Conjunctivitus, but he brought a close friend too - Mr. Bronchitis. I'm currently on the look out for St. Vitus, e-vitus, and Laren Gitis as well.

    So, yeah, grab your hand sanitizer after visiting here today!!